getting rid of wasps and yellow jackets help

kevin_kss(Zone-6 PA)April 30, 2005

I have a very big deck at my home and these guys love to build nests under every chunk of decking and all the rails. Usually I get the bee spray from HD that leaves something there so that they dont come back the whole year.. but they dont sell it anymore.. all the bug sprays now just kill and thats about it.. anyone know of a product that leaves a residue to keep them away.. I dont know where to find it now... and I have no clue of the name of it anymore either.. wish I had the old can..

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romur1(z7 NM)

Wasps and Hornets build the paper nests, Yellow Jackets live in the ground. CB 80 or Konk II should work for you. Although if the spray lasted all season it must have been some toxic stuff and could be why you can't find it any more. These two have Pyrethrin from Chrysanthemum flowers which is as good as any megatoxic spray and only affects insects.
I have used a vaccum cleaner hose running from the tail pipe of my car into the holes of Yellow Jackets, with a dirt seal built up around the hose. Do this at night when they're home. Have the car running before you put the pipe in and the fumes will calm them enough to get it in place.
Have you figured out why they like Your deck so much, may if you change the environment they'll stay away.
Good Luck, Ron

Here is a link that might be useful: CB 80

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sunflowereyesmom(6a IL)

I recently aquired a few decorator birdhouses. I put them out yesterday and already the wasps have found them. Before it is too late, hopefully, how do I stop them from building nests inside these pretty houses?Is there anything I can place inside the houses that the wasps or hornets do not like? The houses are on a wire table on a patio that has southern gets very hot and sunny! HELP!
Thanks so much!

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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

Yeap, I use it too. Unbelievable stuff! It's called Real Kill. Black can sprays up to 22 feet and kills those suckers on contact and they won't come back for months.

I couldn't find that this year but they had a yellow can which works just as good. It's more foamy and sprays the same distance.

I had a different view on Bees this year since I saw a ton of them pollinating my cukes. I like them. I just don't like those wasps.

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Ok HELP HELP HELP!! I am having a BIG PROBLEM with yellow jackets in bewteen my foundation and cement stairs and in the foundation on the side of the house ...I had sprayed them at night with at least 5 cans of yellow jacket killer and sealed the holes on the side of the house... and I sealed the seam along the area they were coming in and out of behind the stairs .. but apparently there has to be a big nest cause it is now April and we have had a couple of warm days here in Chicago and I have seen them on my stairs and the other day there was one in my basement ** alive mind you ** of course I killed it but I am not liking the fact I didn't get rid of them last year!And its sooo early in the year for them to be out! Since I can not get to the nest to get it out, what can I do to get rid of them??? I will be spraying it all over again and sealing ANY openings between the foundation & stairs under the siding and the house etc..And I have checked every possible opening they could possibly get into my basement inside my basement ** had tons of them last year in the basement too** I am short of calling Orkin or whomever did not need that kind of expense right now ....any ideas are very helpful thank you !!! :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Orkin or another professional will be able to get rid of the nest with less hazardous results than you spraying all over the place. I suspect that because of the location of this nest that there are multiple queens and that they are reinhabiting the same location year after year. This phenomenon occurs in the south sometimes, resulting in yellow jacket nests with enormous populations.

This needs to be taken care of efficiently and with the safety of the human residents in mind! Call some pest control companies and talk to them.

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Is there anything I can do to stop yellow jackets from feeding on my humming bird feeders. These pesky critters run off my humming birds? I don't want to harm the hummers.

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I recently moved into a rental that has a big, wonderful deck with stairs down to the garden. This is how my dog goes outside. We had plenty of wasps and bees around through the spring, and we all ignored them, and they ignored us. Then a couple of weeks ago, my dog and daughter were both stung, so I went under the deck with spray and destroyed 3 nests.

Thinking we were in the clear, life went back to normal. But the survivors kept circling around, and I had to spray again, as they seemed to be rebuilding under the stairs. The dog and I were stung one day for no reason (except being on the stairs.) Now, it seems that every other day there are wasps going in & out between the boards on the steps.

I will spray as often as I have to, but I'd really love to figure out how to keep them out of the stairs. I have been stung 3 times so far, and each time I was minding my own business. As someone who gardened peacefully for 20 years without being stung by anything, I deeply resent this!

The house is old, so everything is holey and crumbly. And I dont' want to spend too much money on this, as I hope to move out this winter. But I don't want the wasps to ruin the rest of our summer!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Ann in Virginia

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