Chipmunks eating plants?

cebushey(z5MA)April 29, 2005

Last summer my garden was overrun by chipmunks! There were holes everywhere and they even had the nerve to scold me if I was in "their" area! I didn't see where they were doing any damage so I let them be. This spring 3 rose bushes were chewed...the crown severed from the roots. Also I only have 3 tulip bulbs left and a hyacith that was just fine one day was laying on the ground the next with little teeth marks at the base of the stem (underground part) I just don't know what to do! I have ordered some mole repelent, hoping that it works on them. I really had no idea that chipmunks would do this kind of damage! Help! I have asked all my neighbors to let their cats hang out in my garden!

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If you do not want these critters in your garen the only way to deal with these rodents is to eliminate them, either by trapping and disposing or poisoning (not a good idea since other animals will also be) them.

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There is a product called Rat Zapper that will eliminate your chipmunks. If you want more information on them check out

Here is a link that might be useful: Rat Zapper 2000

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Hi Cebushey!

Chipmunks aren't a major problem for me, I have an indoor/outdoor cat who likes chipmunks, moles, voles, and mice (she ignores birds-she can't catch them so easily- she's a little bit heavy)(must be related to indoor food).

There is a thread here on GW that describes a chipmunk trap-using black oil sunflower seeds and a bucket of water (it's a long thread-but the search function is down, so I can't point you to it). Which might help you out! Some of the comments in the thread, are pro-chipmunk, some anti- chipmunk.

Essentially the thread indicates success with a partially buried galvanized bucket (half filled with water, and covered with black oil sunflower seeds as bait as a trap/elimination method for chipmunks.

I don't know how well it works, if it works at all, but I think the header included the phrase "walking the plank".


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I struggled with chipmunks for a couple of years only to find out that the real problem was woodchucks. Nevertheless, I don't like the holes they leave in my lawn and I have seen them eat flowers.

I caught about 3 dozen chipmunks last year which really made a big dent in the population! I got the chipmunks with the traps shown in the link below. I bought six of these traps, and placed them right next to their holes. You almost don't need bait because they're so curious, but I used an unshelled peanut just in case. When I caught a chipmunk, I then dropped the cage in a barrel of water to drown them. It isn't humane to release them somewhere else.

I once caught two chipmunks in the same trap. One chipmunk was chasing another and they both ran into the trap before the door closed. They're cute little things but when they're constantly under foot, some population control is necessary.

Here is a link that might be useful: Havahart 0745 Live Animal Trap

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sixty6ford(Z5 MI)

I put down fox urine. It keeps away chipmunks, rodents, rabits, I even noticed far fewer birds. They smell the urine and think a natural enemy is close by and will stay away.

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