Blue Frost H Serrata ...

ditasMay 18, 2011

Hello Lacecap lovers ~ I'm so thrilled to report that 3rd season BF serrata is loaded w/ cluster buds ~ I'll have to start serving him more AM stiff coffee!!! So excited I deed my rounds ~ not a single one other has any clusters to show!!!

Next to Limelight BF was first to really green up & full as well!!!

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Hi ditas, can't wait to see pics! Can you tell my where you got your Blue Frosts. I'm from around the dsm area, am I anywhere close? Thanks

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Good Morn'g Mac ~ Got him from DSM Seed Nursery ~ was developed by Hines Nursery a Korean dwarf H serrata. I got it for my hubby for Pa's Day in 2008 I planted in a N facing foundation. Blooms started out pink ~ Steve suggested due to the closeness to the garage wall & the alkaline effect. So for the 1st season I gave him just 1 treatment of Al'm. sulf & followed bys daily drinks of coffee. In the past 2 seasons just coffee drinks & he produces blue clusters!

Because he is planted between 2 houses & we are NW facing I do give him a cage w/ dry leaves protection ~ my best performing H serrata! I hope Steve can still get it for you ~ you'll be happy to add him in your garden!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Frost ~ since 2008

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Hi again - click on specific pic to see closely ~ & sorry for the too many pix I keep a pictorial journal to leave to a grand-dau later!

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Hey Ditas if you want to try a really early Hyd Serrata try this one The deep purple blue will knock ya socks off

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Thanks Bobbygil ~ I checked all three serratas at the site you posted ~ unfortunately 2 were not for my zone & the 3rd didn't have flowers to show & foliage is yellowish!

I have several serratas I call Divas in my piece of soil + 2 Nikkos that require serious winter coats!!! My DH thought I should just stick w/ less demanding royalties!!! 3 other H serratas I have are as well full of little clusters at this point ~ each stem has a finial ~ so exciting!!!

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