Critter-Proofing Advice for Rookie Gardener

lamd(6a)April 9, 2008

We recently moved to a property that has a 30'x18' garden plot. I have been working on planting a vegetable garden and doing research on pest-proofing. We have deer, crows, squirrels, chipmunks and groundhogs. I know there are raccoons in the area although I have yet to see any on our property. I have also seen holes in garden and assume these are moles. I was thinking about putting up a deer fence, probably 6-8 feet high and covering the top with netting. Should I bury some hardware cloth as well? Is there anything else I should do? Any suggestions are appreciated!

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The leat expensive, most effective long term solution to critters invading your garden is a good, tight fence and that does include a tight weave fence fabric buried 1 foot down in an inverted L shape with the bottom of the L facing outwards so if one of the critters does dig down the meet a further obstacle before getting very far.

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