Aerogarden Seed Starter

KimHat(7)March 8, 2011

I looked for this specific question before posting, and did not see it asked before. First of all, when I put the seeds in the little pods, they are totally exposed- is that ok? Or do I need to make a slit or something inside the pods to tuck my seeds in? Also, I have found conflicting info online- do I need to cover my entire seed starter tray with plastic wrap? Or just leave it open to air? Right now it is open to air (planted Saturday and today is Tuesday). Should I go ahead and put plastic wrap on it. My pepper seeds look pretty dry. Should I get a water dropper and put a few drops of water on each one? Thanks for any help you can give me! Kim

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I just lay seeds between some flannel. Old shirt sleeves cuffs, they are already stitched nicely around the edges. Soak them in Water that has set in open container for 24 hr. Place seeds between two layers of cuff. Squeeze out excess water. Put in Baggie. Lay in warm place. All seeds have a germinating time and when that is reached they will have roots sticking out of them. Gently place in damp growing medium and wait for plant to start. Nothing is needed except what the seed has in it until you have leaf. Be very easy on nutrients at that time.

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This cheap styrofoam starter tray is a waste of money and you cant use the pump! results, stagnant water and smells!!

Wish I had know before I bought it, I hate the hassle of returning things!

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