Transplanting and light

iyrytishMay 22, 2009

Hey all, I am so new to gardening so please bare with me.

I purchased my first hydrangeas, my second plants ever, about a month ago and foolishly put it in a spot where it gets the harsh afternoon sun because there was nowhere else available. My beautiful purple flowers started to fade about two weeks ago and I figured that it was from the plant settling into the soil but the more I learn the more I think I really goofed up. I now have a nice bed prepared on a north facing wall and am thinking of moving the three hydrangeas I have over to that bed instead. Should I? If I should, how do I ensure that they have the easiest transition? I love them to death and seeing them fade is breaking my heart!!!!! HELP! I also have an azalea that I am thinking I might want to relocate also, any info on that? They are all still small, but I don't want to lose them. I would never hear the end of it from my hubby, he said that I didn't just jump into the pool, I brought everything I own with me. Any tips would be appreciated.

Bright Blessings

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couple of things first -

are you in zone 4? This is pretty far north, so the issue of intense sun maybe less an issue..

the purple flowers are fading - this could well be the normal aging process...a typical hydrangea bloom will last for 4 weeks or so in the best condition..

what makes you think the sun is too much for the plant...did the leaves showing signs of sunburn - the signs are brown curly leaf edges, the leaves turning white etc etc..

that said..if you want do the transplant..

these are my tricks..

i like to water the plant for the transplant real good the day before the transplant..when i was a beginner, i couldn't tell you how many plants i whacked because i didn't let them have their big drink of water before the transplant..

i like to do my transplant work in the early morning - never like to do the job after 11 or so...hard for me and hard for the plants..

after the transplant, withhold any fertilizing jobs...I would use MiracleGro or other brands transplant QuickStart solution - usually 1/2 cap for a gallon - then drench the transplanted baby with that solution...

then leave it alone..

otherwise, it should be a breeze...just relax an have fun...gardening is all about having fun..

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I don't think that I have any signs of sunburn, but I am battling off a fungus infection so they are a little jacked up right now. I didn't know that they would fade and the pictures I have seen of the "antiqued" look match the look mine are taking on.

Have you had any problems with hydrangeas in full sun? We live in Germany so I am guesstimating my zone as a four, it matches the zones of the part of the country with weather like ours. Thanks for your help, you have taken a load off my mind. One more thing, should I take the faded blooms off or leave them on?

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I think Germany is mainly a zone 6 environment..

see this link..

this is important not just for the sun exposure, but also overwintering of the hydrangeas...there are not that many zone 4 hardy hydrangeas around...

as for sunburn, I almost killed the very first hydrangea I got when I left it under the hot New Jersey summer sun for a full weekend (even the plant was well watered at the time)...the sun turned all my blooms brown, leaves curled, some crispy, some died...ever since, no more mid-day sun for my hydrangeas..morning sun is okay (7 am to 10 ish, 11 is pushing for August New Jersey Summer)..afternoon sun is limited to 4 pm or after during summer...never have any problems with sunburn...even with 100F summer days during the last couple of yrs..

btw - if your plants are having powdery mildrew or some mold, make sure you water them in the morning only, don't do that during the late want to water to dry up by the time night, wet situations are perfect for powery mildew...also, make sure you get enough air circulation around the plants..

as for the faded blooms, it is up to you, I like to keep mine on but almost all my friends like to take them off from their plants...some hydrangeas like the Forever and Ever series will rebloom if you take the faded blooms off..but some like those from the Cityline series would not rebloom...Endless Summer will rebloom regardless..since you are living in Germany, both FE&E and Cityline hydrangeas have European you may have one of those in your markets.

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Thanks for the zone info. I feel alot better now that I am not simply guessing. And thanks for all the info. I feel alot better now. You are great.

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