lots of roots, plants still small

tabbycat123March 13, 2008

Im new to hydroponics and recently built a dwc system with some seedlings (basil, pepper, cosmo, arugula...what was on hand). They have been in the system for a little over 2 weeks and im not seeing much growth from the plants themselves but the roots are growing great. just wondering what this means, if anything, if it is normal or what i can do to stimulate more plant growth. maybe im just impatient. im using fox farm grow big for nutrients. thanks!

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I've only grown basil hydroponically. It did start quite slow, but that may be normal. It took off after about a month. Peppers are slow as heck too, so it may just be that you are impatient (aren't we all! :))

If you want to jumpstart growth, adding more nitrogen will likely do that. But I bet your plants are just settling in and will have explosive growth in about 2 more weeks.

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AndyA(6 Indiana)

What is your light source?

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i have a 600w future brite, but the light has been messed up lately, turning off every so often. how could this affect the plants?? thanks

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AndyA(6 Indiana)

Lots of good light>>>>>big plants

Not so good light>>>>>not so big plants

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I disagree. If the light it turning off, it will tend to make the plants taller and more leggy than if it was working properly. Plant a seed or move a plant into a corner of your garden room that doesn't get any light to prove it if you don't believe me. The fact that they are staying compact is a sign that they are getting good light imo.

That is, as long as the color of the leaves is still typical. I don't know what cosmo is (other than a magazine my wife reads) but are the rocket, basil and pepper leaves all a deep green color? If so, I stand by the 'wait and see' idea I offered earlier.

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