Just potted hydrangea is it dying already?

kikisdeliveryserviceMay 8, 2013

The edges of my newly potted hydrangea are a little brown. Could this be a sign that it is dying already? I have a macrophylla hydrangea and I put it in an area where it is shady in the afternoon but sunny in the morning. Will post pictures soon.

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If the edges of the leaves are turning brown from the edges inwards, it may need more moisture than it is getting now. Double check that the holes at the bottom are draining well and water them well. I like to water them in two stages. The first time, I get the soil a little wet (it visibly drains out a little) and after the water has been absorbed, I aooky the rest of the water (it should show more water draining than on the first time).

Plants in pots will dry out faster in placed in a windy/sunny location so tweak the location if this causes the soil to dry out "faster". And potted plants will always need more water than those in the ground so be ready to check the soil more often (insert a finger into the soil) and water more than if it was in the ground. Try adding some mulch near the top if you have space to put it in there.

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