Tiny orange bugs.

Jennifer_07April 18, 2005

Hello everyone. I had a new sod lawn installed the year before last. Suddenly in the Fall tiny orange dots came in through the basement windows. They are everywhere. I thought they came with the soil. They disappeared over the winter but are back with the first warm sunshine. Does anyone know what they could be? They are diving me crazy. When you wipe them up they stain the towel bright orange, get into the cat's water dish and all over the floor. I have tried to tape the windows shut, but they are so tiny nothing works.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Clover mites!

Here is a link that might be useful: clover mites

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Thank you rhizo!!!! I am going to spray around the outside of the house. They must have come in with either the new turf or soil. I never had them before.

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There definitally NOT Clover mites, Bed bugs, ect. They live outside and that is why they are biting you. They shouldn't be biting you inside your home because they live OUTside. I know exactly what bug your talking about, I tried looking up what they were called as well, but couldn't find anything. I get bit by them all the time when i'm outside. They are like miskitoes, when they bite they fly/jump away, they live outside and are both NOT bed bugs or clover mites(: So just put on some bug spray- when working outside!

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i realllyyy whould like to know what these little tiny bugs that are very very very very micro sized and they are ornge and they seem to appear when i only wear bright colors they are not aphids,clover mites,or THRIPS i really would need some help figuring this out.

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Chiggers....You can barely see them when they're on you. Only really notice them on a surface or solid color shirt. My niece calls them (can't see em's( They itch when they're on you (they don't actually suck blood, they're eating skin). We got them really bad after starting a garden :-

Here is a link that might be useful: Orange Bug

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Sorry folks...that original post from over 6 years ago really isn't describing anything but the behavior of a group of arachnids called clover mites. They don't bite people, but a minor plant feeders. People become a bit alarmed when they see them swarming their window ledges and getting in their homes. Red stains are a common complaint.

Chiggers are something quite different. And who knows what Olivia is trying to describe, lol!

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everytime i go outside i get these very tiny orange bug type things all over me that has a little sting when they bite i can't keep them off of me. Does anyone know what they are?

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