souradeep1982(India(Calcutta))March 3, 2013

hi friends,
I live in India.I want to know the ideal NPK ratio
for roses.I grow roses in perlite and want to
make a water soluable fertilizer with dry
ingredients.also want to know the dilution ratio
in per liter water and frequency of application.please help.

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Here is one link that might help. You'll have to copy and paste it.

A word you might find helpful in doing google searches is "fertigate" - it just means to add fertilizer to a drip line. Click on the link below for more search results.

Here is a link that might be useful: google search result

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Thanks for the help

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Roses grow best with a fertilizer with the N-P-K ratio of 1:2:1, 1:2:2 or 2:3:1. The lower proportion of N (Nitrogen), promotes the appearance of lush leaves in plants.

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I thought nitrogen promoted vegetative growth, Lucas?

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Yes Grizzman, the vegetative growth increases with the amount of nitrogen; but the best NPK fertilizer ratio is 1:2:1. Too much nitrogen may end up with beautiful green leaves and fewer blooms.

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Here`s one that may be worth a try. Its specifically for roses grown commercially in rockwool or perlite.

NO3: 182
NH4: 11
P: 54
K: 234
Mg: 24
Ca: 180

EC: 2.0

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