How I start plants in net pots

grizzmanMarch 27, 2008

Just thought I'd share with everyone how I typically start plants in net pots.

In this case, the marjoram was germinated in about an inch of dirt then transplanted as shown below.

click on the picture for a larger image.

If the image doesn't appear Click Here for an inderect link.

Comments and Feedback are always appreciated.

Happy growing!

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link to photo is broken :(.

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hey grizzman,

thanks for this post, it helps me out a lot. i'm still very new to hydroponics. if you were doing nft, and needed the roots to be grown out of the net pots (extending out an inch or two) before putting the plant into the system, could you just continue the plants using the method you show here, until you have the desired root length? is there a better way to do it?

thanks much (and thanks for the hole saw response in my other post)

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yes you just leave the plants in there and eventually they'll grow out of the pots and into the nutrient.

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