NFT Corrugated Pipe

artwk(5)March 8, 2012

Has anyone tried building a NFT system out of that black corrugated pipe for drainage? It comes in 100 foot rolls, 4 or 6 inch diameter, at a reasonable price.

I want to run the system around my deck railing for either greens or strawberries. Maybe even spiral it around like a christmas tree for vertical space. I have no experience with NFT, but it seems to me the turbulent flow through the corrugated pipe would help with dissolved oxygen.

Seems cheaper than buying PVC pipe and all the elbows. Problems I can see: It's black, hard to drain all the water out (groves), and that's all I got.


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Check out This thread. about a third of the way down are pictures using the very same material. As I recall, we discussed the whole turbulence issue in the thread.

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