pee gee hydrangea tree dwarf question

stormmanMay 11, 2009

Hello all--I have a Question--Its now May 11th and we dont have any buds opening up yet on our small tree out front-We have had this tree for about 4 years and each year it looks better and better..The tree is very alive-We checked that--and you can see small buds-but they arent opening? We did have a night in April the 18th--Where the morning low was in the 29 to 32 range for a short time--But that happens here each year..We also notice that there are about 3 dried up flowers hanging from the tree--that havent come off yet--A few people i spoke with tell me that they have the same problem--Whats going on?? LOL Any help would be great.. Thanks everyone and have a great night!!! MARK

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Nothing you could do about it. Just be patient. It will wake up. Eventualy.

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Do you mean leaf buds or flower buds? It's much too early for this plant to be producing flowers but it should be starting to leaf out nicely. All sorts of variables will influence exactly when this happens, climate and current temperatures being the primary factor, but if the buds are present and green, it should happen soon as George said :-) And you can cut off the old the flowers if you wish. Many gardeners treat this activity as a routine grooming process on various hydrangeas each season. Often they won't fall off on their own and will looky messy if not removed.

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I have two PG, one Pinky Winky and two Quick Fire, they are just starting to get leaf buds. Seems everything is running late this year. Maybe because we all had such a hard winter across the nation.

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