Hardy Fuchsia

Linda_IA(5)July 7, 2004

Hello Iowa gardeners.....

Wondering if any of you have a Hardy Fuchsia (Fuchsia magellanica) is what it's called in the catalog. If so, what do you think of it?

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I think with fuschia magellanica in Iowa, the operative word is "had", not "have".

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Thanks. Doesn't work here huh? This catalog is out of Bloomington, Illinois....Exciting Gardens. I've never heard of this company, don't know how I got their catalog....just wondered about the plant. It looks like a pretty one. Says it's for zones 3-10, but in colder climates, mulch heavily.

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Mulch heavily... like a pickup load of mulch. The zone 3 is laughable. Optomistic descriptions claim it's hardy to Z5, but I'd bet in 5a like Iowa heavy mulching will at best still give you die-back to the ground, giving you a dinky little bush, and since the flowers themselves are dinky, the effect will be underwhelming.Anybody actually had one survive? I tried one when I still gardened in 4b Cedar Falls, and nada,though I didn't go to any great pains to protect it.

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I sure appreciate your input on this. Thanks alot. Saved me some money and time trying to get one going here.

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