Effective chipmunk/ground squirrel control

paulyn(z 8 NW OR)May 21, 2003

PEANUT BUTTER. Make a little bag out of old nylons, or some other permeable material.(Cut a circle about 4 inches in diameter. Put about 1 teaspoon of peanut butter in the middle. Pull the edges together to make a bag. Wire it shut.) Smear PB on the outside of the bag for scent. Wire the bag to a rat trap so the chipmunk will tug on the bag to try to carry it away. Your bait will last a long time if you use this method. Mouse traps are too small but rat traps (the spring kind) work very well and are fast. The little guys don't suffer.

Chipmunks are cute until they rip out your house insulation, chew your electric wiring, destroy the insides of your car, build nests in your air filter, eat all your strawberries and snow peas, etc. . . And our cats don't control them.

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I got the idea for the bucket trap from another forum, with the clever title "the chipper dipper". I set two dippers up and have fished out 10 chipmunks and a mouse. 5 chipmunks in one bucket at one time. Not sure if the infestation was worse than I originally thought or if just have a bunch of dumb chipmunks. I know, I know, lots of chipmunks.

Good news is either I put a big enough dent in the population, or sufficiently distracted them with sunflower seeds, that we were able to get a red strawberry out of the garden before they nabbed it.

I strongly recommend the dipper, works better than I could have expected. I like the idea someone suggested of a couple of drops of dish detergent to break the surface tension and speed up the drowning process, I will try that tonight. While I want them dead, I don't really want them to suffer.

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I got the idea for the bucket trap from another forum, with the clever title "the chipper dipper". I set two dippers up and have fished out 10 chipmunks and a mouse. 5 chipmunks in one bucket at one time. Not sure if the infestation was worse than I originally thought or if just have a bunch of dumb chipmunks. I know, I know, lots of chipmunks.

Good news is either I put a big enough dent in the population, or sufficiently distracted them with sunflower seeds, that we were able to get a red strawberry out of the garden before they nabbed it.

I strongly recommend the dipper, works better than I could have expected. I like the idea someone suggested of a couple of drops of dish detergent to break the surface tension and speed up the drowning process, I will try that tonight. While I want them dead, I don't really want them to suffer.

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I got the idea for the bucket trap from another forum, with the clever title "the chipper dipper". I set two dippers up and have fished out 10 chipmunks and a mouse. 5 chipmunks in one bucket at one time. Not sure if the infestation was worse than I originally thought or if just have a bunch of dumb chipmunks. I know, I know, lots of chipmunks.

Good news is either I put a big enough dent in the population, or sufficiently distracted them with sunflower seeds, that we were able to get a red strawberry out of the garden before they nabbed it.

I strongly recommend the dipper, works better than I could have expected. I like the idea someone suggested of a couple of drops of dish detergent to break the surface tension and speed up the drowning process, I will try that tonight. While I want them dead, I don't really want them to suffer.

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

I had a lot of luck with a havahart trap for grey squirrels- 2 in 2 days that it was out! Of course I had a LOT of them in the yard.

It's a lot more expensive than a rat trap to be sure.

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paulyn(z 8 NW OR)

Pablo: I keep reading about the havahart traps. I'll check it out. Lyn

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Jonesy(z6 midwest)

They are ok to use, but be sure you understand that most animals moved to a new location die. They do not know where the food sources are and have no stored food.

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

"most animals moved to a new location die."

I keep hearing that, but nobody's put up any data WRT squirrels. Do you have a reference? (I'm not being a jerk- I'd like to know).

Oh- and I didn't exactly "release" them...

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Last year I was trying the rat traps with little success when I read here about using a 5 gallon bucket chipmunk swimming pool. I have had much better luck with this method. Whenever I feel that I am being overrun with chipmunks this method works quickly. I average 4 chipmunks a day and once got 8 in a day.

The swimming pool is a five gallon bucket half full of water with the surface covered in sunflower seeds (they float). There is a diving board that is a 1 by 6 board that has some seeds sprinkled on it. The chipmunk eats the seeds on the board gets to the end and dives into the sunflower seed. Unfortunately he can't swim. I don't mind the holes in the flower beds as much as the tunnels dug around my foundation and under my concrete walks.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Gosh, that's too bad they can't swim (c;

I wonder if the 5-gallon swimming pool would work for tree rats (squirrels)???

I've read about many hav-a-heart users checking to see if the caught animals could swim while still in the trap. So much for the hav-a-heart sentiment.

If you have a compost pile, you can bury the beasts deep in the pile, and after they completely disintegrate (sometimes as few as four days), they will end up nurturing your garden next year. That's the best revenge.

I don't think I followed the idea about wiring the bag of peanut butter to the trap. I just usually smear the peanut butter on the trap where the bait is supposed to go. They only need the essence of the smell, you don't need to goop it on. I could go a year and never use up a teaspoonful of peanut butter. I don't reload after the beasts are caught.

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I have had occasional problems with the squirrels hanging by their back feet on the edge of the bucket and "bobbing" for the seeds. The only good thing then is that they can't see me aiming for when they pop their heads up out of the bucket, if you know what I mean. when I try the havahart traps I never get them to go in. Maybe I need to put some seed near the entrance. I have only caught a baby possum and one squirrel, so that why I went to other methods.

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paulyn(z 8 NW OR)

Thanks you all.
I like the idea of recycling the carcasses into the garden (just dig a hole and bury them).
Dchall: I use the bag of PB because it seems to work so well. I rarely get a sprung trap without catching a critter because they don't want to let go of the bait.

None of these methods are pleasant. I'm grossed out but have to go do the dirty deed. They're breeding like rabbits and overtaking my place.

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Thanks for the ideas everyone. I started to notice little tunnels in my flower boxes/pots. Wasn't sure what was doing it but I have noticed there are more chipmunks this year than usual. There are squirrels in the area but this is the first year I've noticed the tunnels so I think it must be the chipmunks.
Mary Kay

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SuAnn(z5Central PA)

On another board, someone swears by red grapes as bait in the rat trap, when my chippies passed right by the pb-baited trap in favor of my strawberries. The poster claims they prefer the grapes.

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ajab124(z5 WI)

THANK YOU! THANK YOU TERRYGT FROM ATLANTA! I read your post about the chipmunk pool and I tried it! It is wonderful! I love dumping those !@#$%^& chipmunks on my compost pile,sometimes 2 at a time! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

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Is there any way I can get rid of chipmonks without dealing with their carcuses

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I don't understand what the problem is with a few tunnels in your flower beds. I find your kill methods repulsive and cruel. How about live and let live?

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Flowerkitty(Z6 or Z5 SE MI)

May not work with chipmunks but I feed my squirrels. I learned that they are territorial. I see about 1 squirrel per tree, a few more for large trees. You get a few visitors from outside but in general they are self policing. They especially don't like competition in a yard where they are fed. Squirrel wars are dead serious. I let them beat each other up. Unlike pigeons, if you feed the squirrels you will not end up with millions of squirrels

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drnick(z6 MA)

havahart is working well for me. i'm using a little bird seed on a small plastic top from a cottage cheese container. I too would like some specific information about most animals die when relocated! My wife is making me drive the little pests several miles away to a local park to release them. I'd love to show her something that indicates they die anyway so I can just kill 'em in my yard and save the trouble!

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Sophie Wheeler

They eat the roots of your plants and they die. If they'd leave the roots alone, then I'd certainly live and let live.

As far as a method to kill them where you won't have to deal with the carcasses, well a cat will kill and eat them, but most leave you "parts" as presents.

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ALLIEBEAN(6b Philadelphia)

SherylB - please e-mail me. Can't access your page any more.

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dsearles(z5 NH)

I've tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING to control these destructive little creatures and have found the only TRULY EFFECTIVE means of control is an accurate pellet rifle with scope. They can then be eliminated humanely with one shot to the head. I've found that active hunting of the population seems to scare the survivors away as well. I am able to skip every other year and control the population effectively.

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I've setup the bucket but not caught anything yet. Let me know what I am doing wrong. I have a 5 gallon bucket filled halfway with water. I take a handful or two of sunflower seeds and sprinkle them on the surface of the water, sometimes a few on the end of the board/plank. The board is 6"wide, maybe 4' long and .5 to .75 inches thick, with one end propped up on the bucket and one end on the groud to look like a ramp. So far haven't caught any, what am I doing wrong?

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alicatt_z5ny(z5 NY)

OK, so my problem isn't the outdoor rodents, I have flying sqirrels which live in my attic. I hear them running around at night. Twice, they have made it into the house. I have two cats. The squirrels jump from a tree and crawl into a hole in the siding where the roof ends, Obviously I need to patch the hole, but need to get them OUT first.

What about those sonic things?? Do they work? Any input would be appreciated.

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For flying squirels, my brother had a pro come out, and they sealed all holes in the attic but the main one, and installed a one way exit-only type device, then when they were all out, removed the device and sealed the hole. (they covered the repair job from the outside with chicken wire)
One thing I've heard, make certain they don't have young in the house, or they will tear the attic appart trying to get to them.

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"I've setup the bucket but not caught anything yet. Let me know what I am doing wrong. I have a 5 gallon bucket filled halfway with water. I take a handful or two of sunflower seeds and sprinkle them on the surface of the water, sometimes a few on the end of the board/plank. The board is 6"wide, maybe 4' long and .5 to .75 inches thick, with one end propped up on the bucket and one end on the groud to look like a ramp. So far haven't caught any, what am I doing wrong?"

I'm new to this, and just set mine up, but it seems like a solid layer of sunflower seeds to hide the fact that there is water below would be the desired setup, and enough water so the little guy thinks he can get out, but not so much that he could grab the edge, in my mind anyway. I don't even have seeds, so for now, I floated a bunch of acorns, and we'll see what happens.
I get a mole a week in my regular pool, only one chipmunk in 2 years though. I think the solar cover gives the chipmunks a chance to jump out again, however the moles aren't very agile... Those chipmunks are really taking over this year. I helped one out of the pool last year, now the word must be out and I'm running a chipmunk theme park. Last thing I need is my dog catching something, or being lured into the pool, etc...

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That was quick, got one the first night. I added a couple of strawberries to the accorns.

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well, I find the 'live and let live' policy not shared by my destructive visitors, chipmunks... unknowingly, I must have used the best method for dealing with the pesky critters by leaving out half-full 5-gallon buckets of water. Having found a few floating in these buckets was sad, so I made certain not to leave these death-traps around...HOWEVER, I'm past that point of being repulsed by their sad demise. Thanks for reminding me.

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grannyfern(z4 MN)

I use the bucket method with a soda can smeared with peanutbutter, and the bucket filled with antifreeze for killing mice out in the polebarn.(no animals out there.) In cold Minnesota winters, it is a great way to dispose of mice. NO SMELL EITHER !!!

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haroldpe(Z5, SW Michigan)

My fellow demon destroyers:

I gave up on the bucket; just became messy with waterlogged bodies. Have-a-heart was okay, but had to deliver the critters somewhere else in the country - although revenge could be a nice motive - hmmmm.... "have-a-heart" and give a demon rodent to your enemies - this has definite possibilities.

So, in the end, so to speak, the rat trap has become my wepon of choice. I used to bait with grapes, cherries, prunes... what ever fruit I had around, but now I use NOTHING for bait. Seems just having them in the right place at the corner of house - where the little dirty demons used to enter my walls - is a perfect spot. I arrange 2 traps in tandem, so if they go around the first paddle, the 2nd nails em.

Ahhh... sweet revenge to their chewing into my walls and also into the garage, invading bird seed supply and corn cobs which I used to feed their related demon rodents the tree squirrels.

Adios, all, I must go empty a trap and fling the carcus deep into the field across the road.

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haroldpe(Z5, SW Michigan)

...oh and by the way, for have-a-heart bait, might I suggest Animal Crackers. They work great.

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Dosperado, you caught moles in this? Moles are my biggest pain and this would be an easy solution.

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I found this website because I googled "kill chipmonks". I am desperate!! Last year they were adorable. This year they have destroyed almost $1,000 worth of hostas, and they are moving toward the foundation of the house. I paid three different experts to tell me what the problem was, and they all told me it was the monks--I just couldn't believe it. They breed faster than rabbits, especially when there are no natural predators. I have made peace with the moles, but the monks are out of control. I am going to try the Swimming Pool of Death and see what happens.

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wasp1(NE IN)

I use a cool little device called the ratzapper. It is clean,efficient,and you don't have to handle any carcasses.

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vannossc(z5 NY)

Splash one chippy via the 5 gallon pail method. One night / one score. 2 x 4 diving board and a few dozen seeds in the bucket.

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Did anyone ever try mothballs to keep away chipmunks? I'd like to avoid the swimming pool method since I'm not looking forward to dumping dead animals somewhere. But if that's the best method, I'll try it.


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THANK YOU for the bucket of water method. So far, I've had 2 chipmunks walk the plank. One of them actually treaded water for a few hours sticking his nose out at the top. Just don't eat the left over sunflower seeds that you use as bait. They're water logged and have a little bit of a chipmunky taste - ok, just kidding.

Also, my Havahart doesn't seem to working for the rabbits. All they want to do is eat my grass and flowers. I baited it with carrots. Is there better bait?


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gardenklutz(NC 7)

wasp1 - thanks for suggesting the ratzapper. Mine arrived three days ago and already I have caught several chipmunks and a few moles/voles (I didn't look to see what it was). If anyone is interested in getting one of these you can check www.ratmousezapper.com

This is really a neat trap - you never have to handle any dead critters - just dump it into the trash.

Here is a link that might be useful: www.ratmousezapper.com

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johnva(Z7 TN)

Well I read all I could find on the net about how to get of them since they destroyed all my tulips (ABOUT $1500 WORTH), a bunch of my prized azaleas (not replacable) and several other things.

For those of you who believe in "prayer" :) the answer came as I was "requesting", for the rest of you it was indigestion :)

"Use expanding foam insulation in their holes". So far I seem to be making great progress, will let you know how many of them dug out later :)

And the foam mushrooms in my yard are cool too :)


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I agree with the earlier post, the rat zapper works very well and is easy to use.

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gardenklutz(NC 7)

Funny thing happened to my Rat Zapper. I went on vacation for a week and when I returned today I found my zapper somehow had moved down the hill from where I last put it, about 50 feet away. I had the battery wrapped in plastic and held in place with tight rubberbands. The rubberbands and plastic are nowhere to be found. There are no children in our area and the neighbors never roam the area. Could some animal actually have torn away the plastic and moved it that far? And, of course, we had some light rain and now the darn thing won't work - and I've only had it about 3 weeks. I'm mad - and thinking there's some large critter hanging around in the woods - guess I won't be going out there at night, LOL.

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allimacse30(5a WI)

I was told that ammonia soaked sponge pieces around the garden to prevent them from getting into it. I also found that if you plant a bulb, (that those suckers love digging up),in the fall....and after the ground dirt has been packed down good....then you place a moth-ball ontop of the planting spot, that they stay away. Then when spring comes, the ground is packed good and they can't smell them. And once you loosen the soil after that....they will come in heards. Lost all of my tulip bulbs just a bit back. Got a quest for ya'll.....once you get rid of the ones "nested" in your yard...how does one keep the neighbor's one's away from me??????

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Every winter squirrels make their winter home in the foam insulation part of our hot tub; very messy and they caused a lot of damage. Would moth balls act as a deterent? If not any other suggestions? Thanks

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chuck_4321(7a VA)

The bucket and water method worked for me. I just wanted to drop by and thank you all for the information. Chuck

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I use the D-Con method. I really don't care if they carrie it back to their nest so all the little ones die too. Seems to work for us.

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thetes(6B AR)

Squirrels are far too clever for havahart traps. I've got three of these traps; I keep them tantalizingly baited with pecans, grapes, seeds, and apple slices! I find the traps pushed, pulled and rolled -- even when I have staked the sides to stabilize them -- and the bait usually gone. They rarely let themselves be seen, so don't bother suggesting a pellet gun/.22. I'm at wit's end with them. Still, I'll try the peanut butter on an old-fashioned spring type rat trap.

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Phyllis9007(lexington kY)

I plan to use this bucket suggestion to rid my yard of the @#$#%^&* munks. I found one newly planted daffodil bulb dug up and well chewed, though. Will that munk die? I hope so. I have also considered dropping mouse bait down their holes. Has anyone done this and does it work?

I am a bit concerned though about birds. Can birds get trapped in this bucket? I don't want to drown birds, just kill the chipmunks....

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Hi all, we're just entering another "Squirrel Wars" season here ... it really has the makings of a movie. I've done a lot of research on this problem and so far the only effective method has been the HavaAHeart trap and a large water-filled garbage can. I know, it sounds cruel, but I learned that here in New Jersey, it's against the law to remove them to another location. As stated before, it causes territorial problems, and can spread disease as well.

I used to have the "live and let live" philosophy, enjoying their antics in the yard, but then they started coming into the house ... to breed, and the little ones then believe they actually belong in a house, not a tree. They have torn down sections of the soffit, chewed through cedar shakes, vapor barrier and sheathing below. Once inside, they have not only torn up insulation and items in storage to build their nests, for some reason they decided that the plastic insulation on the electric wires would be a nice touch. Live and let live is fine - until they start to destroy one's house, its contents, and create a fire hazard!

We tried all the approved deterrents:
1. They ignored the repellant spray; it just messed up the siding and gutters.
2. The sonic gizmos just keep half my family out of that quadrant of the house, and some of their friends as well; the squirrels didn't mind them in the least.
3. They threw the poisoned bait blocks out onto the ground (I hated to resort to these because of the owls we've had here.)
4. Although it's an unlabelled use, out of desperation my husband used the shop vac to blow some mothballs up into the space where they'd made their home. He called me out to show me their reaction ... in no time I saw a little gray head poke out of the hole in the soffit with a little white ball in its mouth and ... "pook" ... spit it out ... adding to a small pile of discarded mothballs on the ground below the hole.
5. We'd already gone through the routine of trying to evict them, putting up newspaper and wire mesh to be sure all were out, then closing the entrance hole ... only to have these little rodents tear the metal sheeting off to regain entry.
6. Heavy-duty hardware cloth did not keep them out, nor did dried blood.

I have to give the little critters credit for their determination and resourcefulness, but when it comes down to it, I've got to protect my house and family (squirrels can be disease vectors). The house has been here for over 50 years, so it's not like we just came in, cut down their tree, and took over their home.

I had found an excellent resource on the web, but cannot locate it now; if I should find it, I'll post a link.

Wishing you all the best of luck with your furry neighbors.


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I'm beside myself...I've had two havahart traps baited for several days and can't catch the chip that's in the basement. I noticed in the laundry room, where insulation is packed between the ceiling 2x4's, that the insulation was hanging down in the center like a pathway in the insulation. When I pulled one section down I found acorns, bits of leaves, etc. These pathways are in several of the strips of insulation. Then I saw the critter running on the floor. So he knows his way around the basement. I'm not sure, but I don't think he's going anywhere else. I put a trap on the laundry room floor and another on a shelf in a closet down there, an area of the ceiling where I've heard him. I put nuts, raisins and peanut butter on a cracker in the traps.

I've also heard something in the attic. I put mouse cubes up there, sometimes I do catch a mouse up there. But some of the insulation is pulled up..do mice do that? I hear the scratching/chewing noises at night and I think chips sleep at night ~ therefore more likely it's a mouse?

I'm freaking out, I feel like I've been invaded.


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I've heard that squirrels don't actually remember where they bury all those nuts. They just bury so many that when they go sniffing around they are bound to find some. So, relocating squirrels should be OK if it's to an area that had some nut stashing squirrels in the fall. The squirrels are all over my bird feeder within two days of putting it out in the fall. They can smell food! I would think there would be no problem relocating them. Unless, of course it's illegal. Hate to think of them coming in my house!!!! They use my roof as a main highway from tree to tree.

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I found this site after googling "chipmunk control." It's gotten cold and damp here in Pennsylvania and the local wildlife have found a way into our attic and our basement pantry.

During the past year, we have waged war with garden-destroying chipmunks. And we lost. Not to mention the groundhogs that destroyed our corn crop in one night. It's bad enough to lose hundreds of dollars in vegetable and flower plants to rodents, but when they move into your house, now that's just insult to injury.

And to top it off, the chipmunks joined forces with the common woods mice. We are outnumbered.

Here are the things we did that worked and didn't work:

Chase-Away fox urine placed liberally in the attic on paper plates only made the rodents laff their furry behinds off. They probably used the paper plates to dine on after raiding our basement pantry and carrying away our microwave popcorn packets. (Fact: Chipmunks and mice do not need a microwave to enjoy Orville's popcorn.)

Electronic pest repellents are useless. I suspect that they consider these devices something to dance to. Has a great beat with a built-in flashing disco light. Let's party! (I have five of the devices, anyone want to buy them?)

HavaHart traps -- just another challenge easily mastered by our rodent friends. Take the peanut and run. I have yet to catch anything in our two traps.

What has worked to a certain extent:

Resorted to D-Con in the attic. It became apparent that the nightly noise over our bed, the scratching, skittering sounds coming from the ceiling beginning around 3:00 a.m., was caused by mice. This ceased after placing two D-Con trays in that portion of the attic over the bedrooms. Mouse traps in the basement pantry caught two more mice.

After a 4 day holiday of silent nights, restful sleep, the Chipmunk from You-Know-Where returned and began its thumping, running, scratching routines in the kitchen ceiling during the daylight hours.

I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when I found this site, and it encouraged me to do another search and I found some really good information I want to try out, and I wanted to share with you all.

This site has a ton of information that may help you. I am going to use the Trappers Choice Pecan Paste and Liquid Poison recipe offered by this guy and see what happens.

Seriously, I can't take it anymore with the noise and the ugly surprises in the food pantry, like when I reached for a box of cereal and realized that the Cheerios had been replaced by mouse droppings. I once was a sentimental chipmunk lover until I realized that they're just rats with racing stripes. And they have fleas and for the first time in 10 years, my pets have fleas. And I don't like the idea of chipmunks chewing through wiring and setting my house on fire. Thoughts like that make me stay awake all night worrying.

I hope this site helps:

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shibumi(z5 MI)

I'm going to try the bucket method and wanted to know if you put the board leaning against the bucket or flat across the top? Thanks

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sugar_magnolia(z6 Hamilton, NJ)

i disagree with flowerkitty. when i moved into this house i would throw feed on the ground for birds, squirrels, whoever. i began attracting lots of squirrels to my yards and neighborhs yards. i stopped throwing the feed on the ground and there are hardly any squiarrles.

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A chipmunk has been living in and destroying our house for over 3 agonizing months. We contacted local vector control and a pest control company which tried live traps, mouse and rat traps, black box traps, and finally sticky boards (as a near last resort). He totally ignores anything with peanut butter on it, and loves corn, but will not go into a trap to get it. He piles the insulation from our walls and other things that he's hoarded in there on top of the big overlapping sticky boards. The only one who's been trapped on them is me!!
Right now he's boarded up in the wall, but we expect that he'll chew his way out before he dies. If that sounds awful, it's only because we've gone from being totally sympathetic about the cute little guy to wanting to fry the little devil. He's pulled the insulation from under the refrigerator and the stove, torn up the carpet, cut up several phone wires, fax wire, and mouse wires in our office, chewed out the grout around the tile floor in our kitchen and is constantly chewing anything he can get his teeth on inside our walls (extremely noisy!!). He can now travel from one side of the house to the other in less than 5 minutes through wiring holes he's enlarged in his constant chewing. When he first came in (through the dryer vent) my husband had a large bag of corn for the squirrels on a shelf in the office and by the time he thought about it our little invader had stored away half of it, so he hasn't gone hungry. Despite being forced to keep a practically sterile kitchen, he was still getting water and our son recently suggested that he might have been drinking out of the toilets though after reading these postings I wonder if that's possible.
My son wants to let him out of the wall, so that he doesn't die in there and create a terrible smell, but is totally against the bucket idea (inhumane). I, on the other hand, can hardly wait to get the little bugger in the bucket!! Hopefully, he won't ignore that as well. I would also like to know how to affix the diving board to the bucket. All the way across seems the easiest method, but is there a more effective way? If we let him out of the wall to avoid the smell I want to be ready. Thanks

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sugar_magnolia(z6 Hamilton, NJ)

are you sure you have only one?

if the little guy dies in the wall he may not leave a terrible smell.

do you have a deep kitchen sink? if so, put the corn kernals in there. put a mini diving board with some corn kernals on it. he may either jump into the sink for the kernals down below or climb onto the board and his weight will knock the board and him into the sink. either way, he probably won't be able to get out of the sink. you can then catch him and release him -- pick him up by the tail and put him in a bag or just use a deep plastic cup to scoop him up. Just be careful not to let him bite you. I've caught 2 mice this way.

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I have one (if not more) of these little buggers in my walls as well. I have the cable company coming out today to run a new cable line because apparently the cable line was chewed up. we can't see where because the cable runs is inbetween a sub floor. anyway, I have a question about the 'bucket trick' which I plan on using. A 5 gallon bucket is pretty tall. Can these little buggers (chipmunk) climb up the bucket, or do you have to have some sort of ladder for them to climb? or place it against something?
I'm getting a bucket this weekend and some sunflower seeds. The first night I heard one of these things running across my bathroom floor, I almost freaked out. now, I hear them everynight and just want to get rid of him. thanks in advance.

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Has anyone tried Liquid Poison mixed with Trappers Pecan Paste to kill Chipmunks?

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Re: the bucket set-up. The advice I got from preveious threads (last year) was to place the bucket near a step or raised deck and place the "plank" running from the deck to the bucket. I've been using it for about a few weeks and have caught two so far. My problem was freezing temperatures at night that froze the water. I'm expecting improved results now that warmer weather is here. I'm lucky that I haven't had any expensive damage yet.

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Here in Birmingham AL, red rocky clay makes expanded chipmunk burrows nearly permanent. Haven't done much damage to my garden, hostas, etc. but a population boom this year may change that. Going to try PB baited Rat Trap 1st, maybe Chipmunk Pool too. Don't worry about step heights etc.; have seen them JUMP up a 4 ft. vertical wall; let alone climb up downspouts all the way up. Be afraid...and take action!!

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Our hated little resident has:

Chewed my grandmothers wool rug
chewed our dirty laundry
chewed the placemats
eaten 5 baseball sized tomatoes in 1 night
eaten three bananas in one night
eaten (or taken and stored) a one pound box of Russel Stover dark chocolates all in one night!
dug up all of my houseplants (Have had them for 15 years - got them when my 15 year old son was born!!!)

We have tried:
large have-a-heart trap
small have-a heart trap
rat trap
mouse trap
bucket with water, seeds
leg trap

We have baited with:
peanut butter
plant leaves

We have put out rat poison blocks by the bucket-full.

It has been EIGHT weeks and I am ready to move out! This thing has invaded my kitchen, upstairs, dining room, living room.

I called in a professional and he couldn't catch it!!!

I have borrowed a night vision camera and set it up last night - no photos. Maybe tonight I can at least find out what it is.

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas of how to get this thing out of my house!!!

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We have chips under the eaves, under the foundations, in the garage, and certainly in the flower beds and in the yard. We also had squirrels in the attic this winter for the 1st time in 30 years.

I tried it all: repellants, hav-a-heart, spring traps, d-con, glue traps, the swimming pool, and the rat zapper. Only the rat zapper works for me. I tried the swimming pool idea, but the chippies never got a chance since the squirrels ate all the sunflower seeds and kept the chips away. I tried for weeks!

My neighbor has a bird feeder that I blame for the chip & squirrel explosion. He thinks they're cute and will not stop feeding them. I googled 'chipmunks per acre' and got several sites that say 2 - 4 per acre is normal; can support up to 10/acre if there's a food supply.

Using the ratzapper http://www.ratmousezapper.com/ I've gotten 16 chipmunks and 2 squirrels in 8 days. That's only
around my house on less than a third of an acre. And i still see chips everywhere! They still taunt me when I sit on the porch.

I also learned how to bait the ratzapper. I tried peanut butter, dog food, etc. What works for me is the sunflower seeds left over from the swimming pool idea. Put a bunch of sunflower seeds at the end of the trap and several in the chute and outside the box. Got to have lots at the end inside. I did see one squirrel get shocked, but then go back after I reset the trap and eat it all, obviously arching itself over the trigger pad.

I never would have guessed how many there are/were. I expected 3 to 5. I got 16 so far and I'm still seeing 3 - 5.
try the ratzapper it looks like its immediate and they don't suffer. No problem with birds getting in.

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Swimming Pool of Death - gotta love that name. I have an 8 year old boy who is an animal lover, so after hiding 4 carcasses last year, I bought a hav-a-hart trap and caught 4 in 4 days - 5 total this year. I feel like a mobster "taking 'em for a little ride" but it has been a fun family activity.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I've lived in my house for twelve years and it is a very wooded neighborhood. I see/feed squirrels daily and have never had a problem with them. The problems you are all having amaze me.........my biggest animal problem is barking dogs.

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Last year, I couldn't stand the squirrel problem any longer, so I invested in a Havahart trap. Would you believe that in a two month period, I trapped about 47 squirrels. The trap served its purpose for awhile, but a neighborhood cat somehow thought this was his own entertainment center. He sleeps on or beside it, I guess he hopes for an up-close encounter. Of course this keeps the squirrels away, also, but now I have to contend with this tomcat squirting all over my houseplants on my covered patio. I guess a gardener's job is never done!

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Super vacuums are used widely in the midwest to collect groundhogs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vacuum Cleaner

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I am amazed at the effectiveness for me of the havaheart trap for squirrels. When I am in catching mode (when they have become too destructive), I can empty the trap several times a day. They do not seem to learn from seeing their friends in the trap. I offer free diving lessons for all visitors to the trap. Not only is it not allowed here to move and release the critters, it would be dangerous because of the problems with fleas transmitting plague. Almost any bait seems to work well for squirrels. I like a slice of apple with a little peanut butter.


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The bucket method rocks! Got 4 of them in 4 days. Used the 5 gal. Home Depot Homer bucket (2 of them) as I figured the extra lure of being able to get some home improvement products would further entice the little bastards to go for the seeds and swim!

After getting the 4 of them I have now realized the extent of my problem. I think I have about 10 more running around. Always thought I was seeing the same 2-3. Had 3 run into my screened in porch today and found another dead that was stinking up my garage. I gladly set up two more buckets o'fun this evening for the rest of the family to play in. If I continue to get the same success rate I can hopefully get all them damn holes plugged that litter my front and back yards and rake out all the holes in my planting areas without fear of them coming back or worse.

Thanks to this forum for such a great and inexpensive idea.

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Another THANK YOU to those who took the time to describe the "See Seed, Dive-n-Die" bucket method. At the beginning of my internet search for effective chipmunk control, I was troubled by the ethics of letting these rodents drown. But after reading of other kill/trap/scare methods, live critter transportation concerns, flea and disease problems that coincide with chipmunk populations, and the threats to nearby structures, I slowly came around. The little rapidly-populating noisemakers are probably one season away from trying to enter my home, as they are swiftly using up the available outdoors tunnelling space.
Anyway, I steeled my soul and set out The Bucket (a used kitty litter container), complete with handy diving plank, one end set on the picnic table bench, 'n the other hanging ominously halfway over Bucket's Edge. Half a dried prune, glued to the plank with some aged peanut butter, garnished with a scattering of very old birdseed mix, (so old the birds won't eat it, and I hadn't thrown it away yet.... hip-hip-hooray for procrastination) was all it took to entice a poor widdle chippie to dive in, striving in vain for more of those stale seeds.
First night: 1, Second night: Three of the amoral creatures foolishly tried to do nude deep-seed-diving, and lost. They were buried as they lived and died -- together. My ethics now seem to be as shallow as a half-full five-gallon bucket. Thank you again, fellow Chipmunk Combatants!

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I was skeptical about the chipmunk pool idea, but NOTHING was working to deter the varmints. They were chomping off new perennials at the base, digging up the gardens, undermining the small trees. The first day I didn't get any swimmers. I thought maybe the diving board needed to be more horizontal so the chipmunks could easily see all the seeds. So I put the diving board from the front step to the bucket. My husband put some peanut butter on the end of the board with sunflower seeds on top. Five chipmunks went for a dip today!

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Killing and removing to another site is a last resort IMO. Has anyone, or *will* anyone try using oil of citronella, lavender, peppermint, or Deer Off on cotton balls placed in potted plants and where they are frequenting the property? These substances irritate most burrowing rodents. I don't have a rodent problem so can't experiment with this myself.
Pooh-poohers need not respond to this, only those, please, who are genuinely interested in trying something different and more natural.
Also, if you are not afraid of snakes, purchase one or two harmless, non-poisonous gopher snakes from a pet store and let nature take its course.

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Hurray for the bucket!!! Now if only the neighbors would understand. The little rodents have tunneled around roses, moon flowers, an annual garden and who knows what else. If it wasn't for the diving board, we would have at least 6 extra "friends" running around. When I told my husband about the idea he looked at me a little strange, but when we got 2 in 24 hours he became a believer.

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Rosepetal and others,
a lot of people don't understand about killing animals. I don't blame them, I support them. And I especially support people who have rodent problems taking the time and effort to learn about the life cycle and behavior instead of building elaborate contraptions to trap and kill. More chipmunks will enter newly vacated territory! What are their natural aerial and ground predators? What might they be allergic to or find distasteful. Have you dealt with the holes in your buildings? You could even find out what they like and provide that for them in an isolated corner! C'mon people, use your heads a little! Has anyone on the list bothered to contact their *local extension office* for alternatives to killing them?

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We tried the bucket and ramp method and it really works. We've caught 4 so far and the chipmunk activity in the yard seems to be subsiding. We stopped using the sunflower seeds though because they attracted squirrels so we just use peanut butter (blobs up the ramp and blobs in the pail near the water line). The chipmunks love peanut butter. If it doesn't seem to work immediately, give it some time. Seems like they have to get used to having it in the yard before they bite.

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A follow up from May 17, so far with havahart this year I have caught 27 chipmunks, usually with those precut carrots in the grocery store.

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i put out the half full five gallon bucket of water, put sun flower seeds on top, with a small diving board and caught a norway rat instead of the hoped for chipmonk, now i got two problems "chip&dale" would have so much nicer than "mickey rat"

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i had chipmunks chewing through the door frame of my home. i sealed off the hole only to have them chew another hole. i finally sealed it with expanding foam but 2 chipmunks ended up in my home (1 in kitchen and 1 in basement). i trapped the one under the stove in the kitchen using a cardboard box (click on the below blog link to see how exactly). for the one in the basement, i used the bucket method with safflower seeds. it worked the first night. i read somewhere that squirrels don't like safflower (too bitter) but chipmunks do. good option if you don't want to kill squirrels.

i also had chipmunks in my old garage and they created a palm size hole in the concrete floor. i repeatedly tried different forms of exclusion but to no avail. so, i ended up using rat poison to kill them. this method works but you have to find the dead chipmunks to avoid stink and in case a neighbors pet accidentally eats it.

Here is a link that might be useful: familee life

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please be careful with the rat trap method. i was slowly placing my rat trap while holding on to the sides. the trap went off and the heavy guage spring wire shot clear through my thumb. i had to use my 17,000 rpm air cut off tool to relieve the extreme pressure the spring was putting on my thumb. i put a plastic bag over my bleeder and drove myself to the nearest clinic with rat trap still impelled. the doctor seemed amused and called his fellows to have a look.
later i used havahart with little success for squirels...it worked fairly well to catch the racoons family in my attic( i took the coons to UT Agriculture dept). the possum trapped himself the near empty trash can. the moles were interested in the sticky traps before they wised up. i saw a 3 foot snake in my detached garage;i just let the snake live cause it does not destroy my classic cars and cedar house like the rodents do.

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I've two English walnut trees in yard, of course I have lots & lots of chipmunks and they get the walnuts. I've been fighting them for years, not winning. This year seems a bumper crop (Chips, not nuts). I'm trying all methods I read in this forum, not having success with swimming pool, Have-a-heart in 3 sizes, rat trap and poison. None work. My latest is poison called Golden Maldrin for horse flies. I've been told to mix powder in Coca Cola (any sweet drink) and leave it where varmints travel. Supposed to be deadly to varmints. I'm inserting powder into raw peanuts and leaving them around. I've ordered Ratzappers too. I'll be in touch with results.

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I tried the water bucket method and it works. Just make sure you have a strong stomach. Returned home after day out with family to find a munk paddling for his life. I was convinced I would have no care about drowning these troublemakers -- digging around foundation, chewing wires, destroying garden and flower bed wall -- but watching those sad eyes barely above the surface, and listening to the crying screams of my young daughters ... well, you get the picture. Anyone know how effective the rat traps are?

P.S. -- I scoop/flipped the munk out of the water and bashed him over the head with the shovel. He must have been swimming for awhile cause he didn't move when he hit the ground. At least it was (less) painful than glub, glub, glub

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I read this thread late last evening and quickly built a 'drowning pool' and I have twice had to fish out squirrels. I must say it's effective, will probably save my patio foundation as they were burrowing under there and eating my garden and fruit but ... oh it's a gross thing. I think I have a family of 4 in my yard, so two to go and I hope that's all.

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

Foundations in my area are dug six foot deep, 8 inches wide concrete, per code. Please tell me how a chipmunk is going to dig under it, up through the concrete floor of my basement, and into my house.

I feed squirrels year round. They don't bother my plants. I wouldn't care if they did. They belong here, just as much as I do.

Some of you are quite proud of your cruel and sadistic ways of disposing of nuisance animals. I hope none of you are my next door neighbors. If I knew you were drowning animals...I'd report you to the police and file charges, at least. There is NO excuse for cruelty to animals.

At least have the huevos to kill the offending animal instantly.

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I am interested in makeing using the bucket swimming pool method to control chipmunks. Can someone supply details on how to construct the system?

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ahugues? Excuse me, but I don't have to explain to you how my patio is built .. it's NOT in Illinois, I DO NOT have a basement OR a 6 foot foundation and YES they are burowing DEEP under my house. I no sooner plug one hole that they dig out another. There are chunks of concrete in the mounds of dirt they dig up. I have tried feeding them AWAY from the house,but they have tunneled all the way to the other end of the yard from the house, so that doesn't help. I don't want to spread poisoned food around, as I have lots of birds around. Yes, it IS squirrels doing this, as I have seen them come out of that hole. I assume you are a vegetarian? Keep the moralizing to yourself, you have no idea what you are talking about.

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res1: if you read the previous posts, it's well explained. Just remember the basic idea: attract them to the pool, entice them to jump in by having something they want floating on the water, make sure the water is deep enough, ( you don't want them to be able to stand in the bottom with their head above water, as that would be killing them through exhaustion instead of drowning) but not so deep that they can reach the edge of the bucket to climb out.

I put a film of Saran Wrap floating on the top of the water to hold some bread and seeds. But sunflower seeds float on their own, of course. I just didn't have enough sunflower seeds to cover the whole surface of the water.

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According to this site the little $$^$#$@%!!!! can tunnel 20-40 feet under ground. The are destroying my retaining wal and already have undermined the driveway. They have to go!!!!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Chipmonk Tunnels

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Sorry if i missed it but regarding final swim- which is most effective in shell or shelled sunflower seed? thanks

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5 gallon pail works.
Have not picked a red tomato in 4 years. Chipmunks chew each tomato as it pinks. Today composted 6 caught in 4 hours. Make sure no toddlers can get to it. Is there anything that can be done to stimulate natural predators, owls, foxes.

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This maybe a repeat. I told you folks a few weeks back I was impressed with the information posted here and I was trying most. Here's feedback. Swimming poot hasn't worked for me, don't know why as I am following your method pretty much as you describe it. Golden Malrin, a horse fly poison has got a big racoon and two possums. Have-a-heart has got 2 adult, 6 juvenile fox squirrels and 4 chipmunks so far. The Ratzapper, which had great expectations, has got nothing so far. Fall approaches and the little bastards will begin making really big nests of stuff and walnuts in my storage shed so I am ready for a big effort and am ordering one more have-a-heart trap. My efforts are on a broader front now that I have made contact with this forum. Thanks to all for your data.

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We recently smelled a very pungent odor in our home and traced it to an area underneath a porch we had closed in making it part of our house. My husband opened up the crawl space area beneath this new room and found a substance that looked like "poop", not pellets, along with a worm, seeds, etc. The odor was clearly coming from the "poop-like" substance. We have seen chipmunks crawling around this part of the foundation in the past and assumed they are the culprits. My husband cleaned the area out, disinfected it, replaced the old insulation which was just soaked with this foul-smelling substance, sealed everything back up including any openings we found. For a few hours the odor subsided but then returned later that evening. We just figured it would take a few days for the odor to dissipate. However, we re-opened the area to find another pile of that nasty substance in the same exact location along with a trail of seeds, nuts, etc. So, we are back at square one again. What is that substance that looks like "poop"? Is it a form of nesting material? I had read somewhere that nesting material does have a very foul odor but I hadn't seen any other postings regarding this.

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Thanks to everyone for the information and ideas. I used some expanding foam to fill and block a void/hole in a wooden canopy over balcony that squirrels had taken residence in (it was empty at the time). I had read online that they are very tenacious and when they have been in a place long enough to leave their scent (which is pretty much right away!) they can recognize it for up to 6 months and will try to re-inhabit places partly because of this. They have removed some of the foam, but it is at a location where they cannot hang on very long to work continuously on it. Does anyone else have information about how foam worked (or didnt) for them? Are there brands that are "stronger" than others? Much appreciated in advance!

[PS - The hole was previously a little knot-hole that birds resided in, but the squirrels tore it open and made it unlivable for the birds, so I don't feel bad about sealing it off on them!]

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Order the RatZapper or a couple of them, and a bunch of alkaline D cell batteries. It really works. A buddy of mine has two of them and he baits it with just small dog kibble...like 3 or 4 pieces. He has zapped about 20 of them so far..and counting. Previously he was doing the water bucket trick, but that stunk and was messy. The zapper is quick, efficient, and easy to use. He made some covers for them with an opening on one end...plywood I think. That is just to keep the rain out of the electronics on it. You can buy them too from the zapper manufacturer. That would be easier.

This may not be the best choice if you have small curious children though. Always read and heed the warnings on these devices.

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Actually caught one in a garbage can. Started to fill the can to simulate the bucket of death. The litte B$%^&*D looked up at me and I didn't have the heart to drown em. Went out and purchased the have a heart trap. Have 4 chipmunks and 1 tree rat so far this week. They love pretzels dipped in peanut butter.

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RE: Chipmunk Control,
The swimming pool is a five gallon bucket half full of water with the surface covered in sunflower seeds (they float). There is a diving board that is a 1 by 6 board that has some seeds sprinkled on it. The chipmunk eats the seeds on the board gets to the end and dives into the sunflower seed. Unfortunately he can't swim. I don't mind the holes in the flower beds as much as the tunnels dug around my foundation and under my concrete walks.
TerryGT in Atlanta or anyone else who has tried this method:
Does the 5 gallon bucket need to be lowered into the gounnd? Does the diving board completely traverse the bucket? How do the chipmunks get up to the top of this 5 gallon bucket? Please help me out. I am being OVERRUN!

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Well, summer is over and I have had some success eliminating the little bastards. To report back to the helpful folks at Gardenweb Forum: swimming pool hasn't caught anything but the sunflower seeds dissapear from the water; poison has got one monster racoon, 2 skunks and 2 possums; have-a-heart (three sizes) have got 7 chipmunks and one skunk; Ratzapper has got nothing; rat traps and mouse traps have got one mouse. Not great, but not bad. One other thing, it was a real difficult day when I got the skunk in the have-a-heart. Called on every bit of wildlife savvy I could muster to get him disposed of without getting sprayed, but I did it, tricky business and a long story I will spare you. Will be in touch next spring.

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When I moved to my current home (in a small city, and not a forested area at all--a main street frontage road--though there are many trees) I spent a ton of money and planted like 300 tulips, many quite pricey.

That spring it was stunning. By the next year I had about 10 left. I didn't have the money to replant.

I've had two BIG strawberry gardens every year for six years. Six years! Major efforts, tons of plants.

I've gotten a total of 5 strawberries from them over that time.

Although to be fair, the birds peck them, then the pillbugs and ants devour them, plus the squirrels seem to love them, so they're pretty much doomed.

This next year I've decided to grow zero fruit, more garlic and onions than I'll know what to do with, and to create a ground-level (as my beds range from 16" to 36" high) "locals garden" I can toss various seeds into in the hopes that the bunnies and bugs can eat some stuff there instead.

As for the squirrels that ate my tulip bulbs, the adorable little things, may they rot in hell, so far they have not stooped to trying to destroy my house, as they are doing to many folks on this thread. If they had, I suspect my organic, IPM, nature-deva "plant them a wee garden!" philosophy might be "the dive of death" philosophy instead. My ethics extend to the protection of my little girl from dying in a house fire, for example, which would trample right over my ethics that want to feed the cute little squirrels.

I am seriously considering getting some toads and making lots of little houses for them in my 24-36" cinderblock raised beds, to deal with bugs, especially rolypolies which are mostly harmless except they end up in such massive quantities and they eat my seedlings' roots and any plant that has even the least 'challenge' to it is digested before it can recover. I've also thought about getting a couple of non-venomous "garden" snakes. Do you think these would repel squirrels? Do you think they would stay in the garden? Do you think this would be major issue with my eight (!) cats?!

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Has anyone tried hot pepper spray? I hear it keeps them away but haven't tried it yet.

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The swimming pool is working very well. Thank goodness since the chips were burrowing under my house in a big way. Now I need to know how best to close the holes/burrows so they don't come back. The holes are where the driveway meets the foundation of the house. We have used the sticky driveway repair stuff before but the chips dug it out again (that was before we put in their "pool") Does anyone have advice on how best to fill the holes?

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This forum is great. I stumbled on this post yesterday, set up two 5 gallon swimming pools for my little rodents and caught 6 in less than 24 hours. I think thats all of them... haven't seen a chipmunk all evening!! THANKS!

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I wanted to post my sincere thanks to the person who posted this idea of the "swimming pool for chipmonks". I have seriously been overrun by these critters. Enough was enough when they started trying to get into the foundation of the house. I went up to the hardware store and bought a 6 gallon bucket, a 4 foot section of 1x6 board, and a three pound bag of sunflower seeds. I filled the bucket half full of water and placed it at the bottom of our back steps. I then ran the 1x6 board across the bottom step and over to the bucket, setting it over the lip. Next, I threw two large handfulls of sunflower seeds into the water to float. I also placed a few seeds on the board and around the base. I did this when I left this morning. When I came home this evening, I had yielded 6 rats. Thank you again, Four Stars!

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I think I have squirrels in the ceiling of my garage, I can hear them moving around when I first come in an make some noise. There is a small room attached to the back which had been an office at one time, that is where I hear them, and can smell a bad odor when in that room. They have ripped open a bag of sunflower seeds and chewed the wood off all around a window trying to get out. I was out of town for two weeks and discovered it when I returned. I believe they came in through an old chimney. I plan on trapping them, since leaving the door open did not get them to leave, and have the chimney capped, but I am worried now that there may be young ones in the ceiling. Any ideas? Found good info on trapping them from the site I listed below.

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We bought our home about 4 years ago. I love birds. So, of course I have feeders. I use a shepherd's hook to hang them and couldn't keep it filled. I videotaped a munk climbing up the pole and filling his cheeks so full he shoudn't have been able to stay upright. He emptied the five gallon container in a day or so. I tried greasing the pole, which was entertaining until the grease dissipated. I also watched a squirrel climb a tree and get on the hook. He would hang upside down while eating the seeds. It was comical. We moved the hook and got a squirrel baffle for the pole. So far that has worked for the feeder, but the munks are burrowing. My husband asked for a way to dispose of them that wouldn't harm the environment, so I believe we will try the pool before we incur damage that will be costly. We also plan on laying a lot of dirt around the foundation to fortify it, and possibly help with burying their burrows.
We live in a marshy area, so we do have snakes. So far I don't think they have an effect on the munks.
During the winter we have issues with mice in our garage. They have also taken to our home in the last few years. When they got into the pantry, I remembered hearing that sealing their entries with steel wool works. So far they haven't gotten back into the pantry. This winter we will try the antifreeze in a bucket for the shed and garage. Thanks for the tip.
I am averse to killing animals, but I cannot afford to pay for their extensive damage or allow said damage to endanger our children. For the animal lovers that don't like what we are doing... you don't have to visit this site!
Good luck to all in the war!

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mom_of_many 6 ---

We have a shepherd's hook as well -- ours is a double - finch feeder on one side, and everyone else on the other.

I set up a slinky so that it spiraled around the pole. It runs down the length stating just before the hook curves.

They can't climb a slinky.

Unfortunately, we get SNOW here. The snow sometimes winds up mounded next to the feeder.

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I have a bad problem with chipmunks and squirrels digging up my Asiatic lilies, eating the roots and eating all the buds. Then I discovered this thread and became a member yesterday morning. Right after work, I went to Lowe's to buy the materials for the swimming pool idea.

Wholly cow does that thing work! I set up two pools last night at 10 pm. By 7:45 this morning, I had gotten 2 chipmunks and 1 mouse! The diving boards had been knocked off of both of them, but I figured I had gotten enough for the day, and in the interest of getting to work on time, I didn't bother to reset the pool with more peanut butter/sunflower seeds, either.

Then my husband called me at work at 10:45 am telling me that we had 6 catches total between the two pools. That's without being set-up correctly (the diving boards had been knocked down, only the ramp up to the bucket's edge was intact) and NO FRESH BAIT! Those little idiots were practically throwing themselves over the edge for the couple waterlogged seeds and peanut butter residue! I couldn't believe it. There were 3 already in the bucket - you'd think they'd smarten up!

I guess I'm just saving the chipmunk gene pool at this point...


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I, too, am still struggling with the squirrels a bit. I've gotten 10 chipmunks since last Wednesday night, but a squirrel was able to get out of the 5 gallon bucket. I thought about upgrading to a plastic trash can, maybe 8-10 gallons or so, so I can maybe catch both. Thought I'd pass along the idea.

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I have been trying the swimming pool method for 2 weeks now and about 5lbs of sunflower seeds with no luck except seeing the seeds sink overnight. what am I doing wrong???

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A BIG THANKS TO DCHALL!!! I tried the water/bucket. We set it up last night and this morning I had 5 ground squirrels! Although I felt bad about killing them...they are tearing up everything, digging under our patio, digging in my flower pots, digging under the house, and the list goes on! Again, thank you so much for this wonderful idea! If anyone has trouble with these critters, this is the way to rid your property of these critters. We are so pleased. We had tried everything, from pouring grout down their holes to just waiting for our dog (pit bull/great dane) to catch them all. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Diane, Joe & Lanie(our dog)

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How do you have your "pool" set up? I have noticed that the more horizontal the board is, the better. Also, I didn't catch any until I added peanut butter. I smeared a little on the end of the diving board and more on the inside of the bucket, on the board side, just above the water line. The next morning, i had a floater. good luck

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Hello bcoop4,

What we did, was used a 2x4 and placed it across the center of the top of the bucket(laid the board across the top of the bucket, sprinkled with a few sunflower seeds, so they can jump in on either side of the board). Then we placed another 2x4 as ramp up the side of the bucket. We did find that we didn't need the ramp, they can still get to the 2x4 at the top without it.

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I've never intentionally killed an animal. But I'm overrun by chipmunks and their destructiveness. And the bucket trick works. For some reason I thought they'd float, and I could tell when I caught one, since the top is covered with seeds. duh! They sink. And after 24 hours I poked a shovel in the bucket, hit something, dug a whole in my garden, dumped the bucket and at least 6 or 7 chipmunks. Very digusting, but it works! Maybe the moles are next!

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The 'Bucket Method' really worked for me. I had the bucket and the 2x4 but no sunflower seeds. So I went poking around the kitchen cabinets for some long forgotten pack of seeds. What I did find was a bag of peanuts in their shells. Now, I'm way too frugal (cheap) to squander a hard-earned $2 on sunflower seeds so I used the peanuts! Just enough to put a few teasers on the 2X4 and the rest to float in the water. Got 2 of them in one day.
My wife wanted to know what I did with them.
"Well, I sang Amazing Grace and then I dumped the bucket, chipmunks, peanuts and all, back in the woods."
"EWWWWW" was all she said "EWWWWWW, how could you, poor little things?"
"Well, don't EWWWW me. What the heck happens when the little critters have a heart attack?"

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I have tried the bucket method to no avail. Didn't have a 5 gallon, so started with a 3.5 gallon. Set up a ramp that was a leftover piece of oak hard wood flooring plank. My son saw a chipmunk go up ramp, then squirrel knocked him off (not into bucket) ate the seeds and then hung upside down to eat seeds; fell in, and jumped out. Trial 2: Set up a plastic office garbage can (rectangular & double height of bucket, Probably 10 gallons). Filled 1/3 with water and put the ramp, spread the seeds, a little peanut butter UNDER edge of diving board (protruding from edge). Went out, peanut butter licked clean, shells all over the place from the eating, and NO CATCHES. Trial 3: Bigger rectangular recycle contained I use to store newspapers until recycle day. Same set up. Water level to where I think squirrels will not be able to hang upside down. Same result! They even carried the seeds back to the holes that go under my patio. I have a Paver patio and they are tunneling under it. We pulled up a portion of the patio and they dug new tunnels at the edge of the pavers of the non-dug up patio, and I found seeds at the holes edge! So questions: What am I doing wrong? And do you think it is the chipmunks that are burrowing under the patio? We found nuts and leaves in the tunnels under the patio.

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You may want to put some rat poison in with the peanut butter. But of course, your neighbor's cat or dog may decide to give it go and that's not too good.
My neighbor told me he has a plastic owl he puts out and then moves about and he's not had any more chipmunks around. I guess I know who's got them now right? He also mentioned getting a piece of plywood (can be anything flat and non-flexible) about 1' by 2' or so. Paint it white then paint a 6" in diameter circle in black on it. Finally paint a small circle in gray or any other than black in the black circle. Supposed to look like a really big eye and, so he said, scares hell out of 'em. Put it somewhere higher up so chipmunks think its some humongous raptorbird or something.
I'd try the 'big eye' method but my other neighbor is a tad loony and will say I'm trying to scare his wife. Anyway, let me know if you try 'big eye' and if it works.

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diydana(NE ohio)

The Homer bucket is not a joke. This munk pool WORKS!
My props to the genius inventor. I already told 10 people about this.
I went out and bought a 5 gallon orange Homer bucket. It set me back $5.00 bucks. Next I bought sunflower seeds but the feeder type, $4.50. I had a plank in the basement.
I just happen to have Jiff and natural peanut butter around. Tried both and they seem to like the sugar Jiff type better. I like the bright Orange Homer bucket which I call The Death Bucket...that way I know no one at home can use it or touch it but me. My first attempt lead to a munk treading water. I looked at the plank a mere 3 hrs after I set it up...what the seeds are gone? I look in the bucket and screamed, a soaking wet...yet cute munk was a swimming for life! He was yelping too, high pitch. There he was looking up at me and swimming and I almost kicked the bucket over. I gathered my composure and let it be. I did cry, I was upset to do this, prayed too. The stupid bird lady with the open seed containers all over... next door, should be treading water not the innocent munk. It started to thunder and rain and I was wondering if God was sending me a message. I decided to brave the weather and add more water to the bucket, from far away. He finally drowned. This I know because the side of the bucket shows the water bobbin' up and down as the bugger treaded water. He was doing the dead mans float and I put him in an empty wipe box and in to the trash on the curb. So I loaded it again.
Last time I used nine seeds & butter on the plank, which I left near a active munk hole, near patio in mulch. BTW~I dot p.b. on the bottom of the plank near the ground, so they smell it. I then go up the plank 4 more times dotting butter and placing a seed on top each pile. I leave the plank on the ground in the mulch and then prop it againt the bucket, like Noah's ark....lead them in, two by two!
I spot munks in the back yard by the fence, so I set the bucket up there.Long story short munks all around, no plank walking. I wake next morning to see seeds gone, plank knocked over and muddy foot prints. Squirrels. Re-loaded and placed in original location near patio in mulch. Bagged me another munk. Re-load and find that a squirrel was bobbin' for seeds again. I find it best to load, catch one munk and dispose of it and let the squirrel clean up the seeds in the bucket in the early am.
If you can't fight the squirrels, join em. Then I re-load and snag a munk in the afternoon and let squirrel clean up the seeds again. The munk will sink to the bottom but kick the bucket or drop some water into it and you will find the munk on the bottom, wait too long and the seed will drop to the bottom too. I use a shovel to dig the munk out and I use 2 big handfuls of seeds in the bucket wtih each re-load. I fill the bucket up to the top of the word "paint" on my Homer bucket. Too little water the the bugger is in agony treading for hours. Quick and clean. It is not fun to kill but try waking up every morning to...
"chip,chip,chip,chip,chip,chip,chip,chip,chip,chip,chip,chip" for 2-3 hours straight.
These munks are eveywhere...running, chirping...making a mess. I guess with each one I bag it gets more easy but still gross. We as humans are top dog of the food chain. Seems like a waist..anyone have a recipe for munk ka-bobs or munk stew? ;p

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After reading and laughing until tears rolled about the swimming pool "Dive & Die" posts, I decided to give it a try. Well, the munk critters in CT must have more brain matter than other states. I watched as they climbed the diving board filling their jaws with sunflower seeds. I thought when munk got to the end of board and sees the tons of floating seeds, he/she would dive right in....Oh, NOOOO! Brainy Ct munk hung onto the edge of the 5gal bucket with back legs,stretched his body, and filled his mouth with seeds!!
I had to laugh.

So, the instructions on fill half full w/water didn't work for me as I have a "stretchmunk acrobat" in my garden. I have reduced the water with the floating seeds and I'm now patiently waiting to see if in fact my brainy munks will let go of their hind legs and take the plunge for the seeds. If they don't, guess I'll have to invest in a ratzapper. Way tooooo funny!

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Whoever thought of this great idea was really smart!
I tried it and got rid of two chipmunks who had burrowed
underneath my concrete patio. My brother-in-law now
calls me a "serial killer".
I only filled the bucket half full, propped a 2x2 over
the bucket with some sunflower seed (in the shell) on the 2x2 and some floating on the surface of the water.
I positioned the bucket near one of their holes right
next to my concrete patio step.
The first little bugger managed to get wet but jumped
out. An hour later, he was sleeping with the fishes
(or seeds for that matter).
The next day I caught another one. It too, jumped and
got wet and ran away. I checked later on and sure enough,
he was drowned too.
It is amazing the damage (from what I have personally
seen and read on this board) those little things can do.
I already told a co-worker and he is going to try it.

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I'm defeated by ground squirrels eating my vegetable garden! Am using havahart to trap, which is effective, but takes time. Have a dog so can't use poisons. Will try the ratzapper(thanks), but feel I need to go to raised bed gardening( on 4 acres!) with chicken wire for encloseure to keep the squirrels out. Has anyone done this, and is successful? They seem to eat all new plants, but esp green beans, cantaloupe, peppers, cuke seedlings.

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My wife dragged me out food shopping yesterday so I spent the $1.50 on sunflower seeds. Set up the 'bucket of death' with a few teaser seeds on the 2x4 and enough seeds to cover the surface of the water. No luck after a day or so. maybe I'll go back to peanuts.
A buddy says to use coyote pee but that only lasts a week or so at $15 a pop. Maybe for squirrels its necessary.
My wife said she knows the answer in one word;....M E O W! Just keep it half fed and it'll know what to do.

Anybody know any homebrew herbal concoction/recipe their granny used back in the 'old days'?

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i've used the bucket method and it works well. that said, i bought a ratzapper and set it up in my garage where chipmunks have set up shop. the first time, i baited the zapper but left it off to condition them. then, i baited it with safflower seeds (which 'munks love) and killed 3 'munks in 3 nights. i think it's more humane and cleaner than using the bucket method. the zapper uses d-batteries and electrocutes them for a quick death. i'd recommend it.

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I've found a pretty effective method for catching chipmunks. I've captured 11 in the past 2 days. I fill a 3 gallon water bottle (the kind thats used for a water dispenser). Locate one of their holes. Open the jug and put the open end in the hole. The chipmunks will swim right into the container. It's then your choice to relocate the critter or fill the jug up completely and cap it.

This method has worked amazingly well.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)


I don't know where you are coming from or what your problem is, but you have a lot of nerve telling anyone that has serious problems with wildlife that you would call the cops on them for killing wildlife that is destructive to their home and property.

Just because you don't have any problems with chipmunks, or any other wildlife doesn't mean the rest of us don't. They are very destructive and damaging to property and peoples homes.

Maybe you enjoy their destructiveness but I doubt there are very many people like you.

They carry disease, can be rabid and pose serious injury risks to anyone walking outside in their yards, especially to young children.

I wonder what you would think if you where dealing with a 3 year old son with a broken arm from falling in a chipmunk hole while playing in his yard and his 6 year old brother is on crutches with a broken leg because he fell in another chipmunk hole trying to help his brother. Oh by the way the 6 year old also is getting rabies shots because the chipmunk hole he caught his shoe in had a chipmunk coming out of it and it bit the 6 year old. He smacked the chipmunk in the head and the parents where able to catch it. Yup, rabid chipmunk.

My next door neighbor had squirrels in her attic and they where rabid too.

Don't tell me it's because our homes are where they are. Sorry, that doesn't wash, these homes are over 50 years old, and until the last few years we never had problems like these.

Chip n dale may be cute in a Disney cartoon, but they aren't cute when they cause the damage and injury that they do in real life.

Oh yes, the neighbor across the street just came home from a weeks vacation. They left a brand new 2007 car in their driveway. this morning he went to start his car and now has $4,000 worth of damage under his hood. Those damn chipmunks built a nest under his hood and it caught fire when he started the car, and oh, yes, they built one in the exhaust pipe too.

Got to go, I'm off to buy me some sunflower seeds and peanuts for my "pool of death".

Happy feeding to your wildlife on your property. Sure as hell glad you don't live anywhere near me. If you did, you might find me pressing charges against you and hiring an attorney to sue you for helping to cause the damage to my home.

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diydana(NE ohio)

I am up to 11 chipmunks caught since my first post on:
June 25th 2007.
E-L-E-V-E-N walked right up the plank and took the Nestle Plunge!
We also caught 2 black birds, 1 mouse and a mole.
Yes a mole. How do you catch a mole in a bucket?The squirrels love to hang on to the bucket and eat the seeds out. Darn it.
Chipmunks can cause holes and tunnels all over, they are DANGEROUS.We trip and fall daily...they keep on digging more holes. If my neighbor stops feeding the animals here in open containers on the ground etc we might not have a problem. Tree huggers: As long as she is a feedin', I am a killin'. Off I go to BBQ some nice black angus steak.....

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While visiting my Mother during the 4th of July, she told me about a chipmunk problem she was having. After walking her yard, I found numerous holes in the yard and signs that they were beginning to get into her house. I immediately went to the web to search and found this website.

Reluntantly, we setup a "pool of death", didn't get one the first day, but to our surprise had one of the little pests the second day. I immediately went to get more buckets and seeds to setup more "pools of death" in different areas of her yard to see if we could help her clear up the problem while my family was in town.

In the last 5 days, we have caught 5 chipmunks. I am amazed at how well it works. I just hope my Mother will keep it up after we leave. I have asked friends and other family to drop by and empty the buckets for her if she is reluntant to continue.

Thanks so much for the advice.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Set mine up on Friday afternoon. As of PM today, I've got me 6 floating and/or sinking chipmunks. Do I feel bad? No way, least of all after my next door neighbor found 2 in her cellar.

All we do is take the big old spade, scoop out the "little darlings" and toss them in the woods. The red winged hawk is quite happy with his prize waiting for him.
Now if he'd only swoop in and enjoy the groundhog. Why he keeps circling around the hole for hours and doesn't get it, I don't know.

One thing I'd be concerned with though, is dumping the bodies in my compost pile. Rabies had been found in a few chipmunks in NH, so I'm uncomfortable dumping them in the compost.

Another thought, don't forget to empty the water every few days and put in fresh. Otherwise you will be breeding nasty mosquitoes and we don't need those.

So a question, what do we do with all the seeds that are still in the water when we change the water and put in fresh? Anyone have any thoughts?

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Ok, I've read all the postings on this topic and am ready to try the bucket of death, since I have all the elements ready to hand.

We suspected something was up when we noticed the cat was spending a lot of time sitting in front of the stove. We found cat-food caches behind the stove and the little pile of sunflower seeds I put out that night were gone by the time I was ready to place a home made trap; I'm handy and stayed up till 3am making the darn thing. Baited it with peanut butter and sunflower seeds and it caught nothing.

Began smelling something a few days later and thought it might have died from injuries sustained when the cat caught it and brought it in (which is how we suspect it got here), but when moving the fridge, it scooted out. My husband says he saw it and it had a furry tail; I saw it but wasn't wearing my glasses at the time, so didn't see it well enough. The scat left behind is larger than mouse turd.

I bought a small Hav-a-hart yesterday, baited it with peanut butter, and so far, nothing. I was thinking I needed a few more but before spending $60 I'll try the buckets.

The bad smell in the kitchen is chipmunk urine and I'm starting to feel pretty desperate about it. So, I'm going to set up the two buckets I have and we'll see what happens. It is very good at not being seen.

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The "swimming pool" worked! In less than an hour I had a hungry chipmunk will to attempt to swim for food.

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I may not have specifically said this but the critter is inside the living quarters of the house.

I moved the fridge last night to wash under it with some cat urine removing product (seems slightly better today). Then I pulled the drawer out of the stove and was considering the floor washing possibilities under there; this is where it had been caching the cat food; no new caches. I decided not to attempt washing underneath with the stove actually plugged in and to put it off until day time, and was just putting the drawer back in when out of the corner of my eye I see the thing slinking by me into the dining room. Of course, the cat is nowhere to be seen and my husband has gone to bed early, so it was able to pass by unmolested. I sat motionless in the dining room for an hour. I have no idea where the darn thing went to; either inside the radiator or it had managed to get out of the dining room unnoticed.

I'm not sure what it is. On the one hand, before we knew we had a critter, I thought I heard a chipmunk-like chirp in the house. It has a furry tail. I've never gotten a good direct look at it but I haven't seen stripes, its tail was down and dragging on the floor, and the overall color impression of it is "gray" so I'm wondering if it's a baby squirrel.

At any rate, it's very good at keeping hidden. I went to bed with two buckets set up and a small Havahart with sunflower seeds scattered around. I think I will leave everything that way. We're supposed to go on vacation next week and I don't want to leave with a critter in the house.

I read on the Havahart website more bait ideas, specifically using almond extract on bread. I bet that smells really attractive.

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Ha, when I went outside for my morning walk and appreciated how nice and neat my side yard looks after this week's weeding and transplanting extravaganza, I realized that this is GardenWeb and I've been going on about my indoor critter problem.

Regarding chipmunks, 2003-2004 seemed to be the population explosion years in eastern Massachusetts. I used to think they were cute until 2004 when they started looking more like vermin. Something happened over the winter, though, because by 2005 they were gone; the backyard was a ghost town. They've made a slow come back the last two summers.

Except for critters in the house, I'm generally a live and let live sort of gardener. I don't plant what the critters eat. Nope, haven't had a veg garden yet. :-) I've not had any expensive damage done, just lost money on tasty shrubs and perennials. Live and learn.

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mrsbeasley(4a Northern Ont)

An acquaintance of mine had a dreadful problem with chipmunks killing her flower bulbs and roots. She put USED kitty litter in the holes she found in the ground, the chipmunks moved away. Might be worth a try.

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I felt like a crazy person getting all worked up over chipmunks. My perennials fall over limp, as the roots are eaten under the ground. I have holes and tunnels through each of my beds every 1 to 2 feet. One retaining wall has shifted drastically this year. I've lost my footing several times because of the holes, tunnels, and movement within the retaining wall. Pretty freightening.

THEN I googled "kill chipmunks" and found this site. I smiled ear to ear in delight that I am not, in fact, crazy. (Thank you all for that)! The next day I went out to buy my bucket of death and set it up in the yard by the strawberries, none of which we've eaten this year before the chimpunks got to. I set the bucket out at 5 pm. At 8 pm., I dumped 6 chipmunks and 2 baby red squirrels. I set it up again, had 4 munks and some mice in the morning. So thank you so much for tnis solution. It works - fast and cheap. It's a drag to empty the bucket. I dump into the woods, rinse, and start over. I found it necessary to empty the bucket daily because if the smell, and the sunflower seeds sink. Anyway, thanks for the sanity check and for helping me take back my garden! -phipphlox

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I have been able to live and garden in harmony with the chipmunks in the rural area we live in Connecticut. But it seems over the last 2 years or so the chipmunks have taken advantage of any prior agreement we had ... when they started to tear up planters on a second floor bedroom deck that was the straw, but last week when i found one digging in a potted plant in our screened in porch that was it! They were no longer cute, they were vermin over running our property.

Checked out this site (as well as many others) for a solution. And the bucket (with the sunflower seeds) has worked, even thougfh I was sceptical. Better yet I may have found a solution to the squirrel intrusion problem (squirrels leaning into the bucket and scoping out seeds) ... instead of placing a board up to the bucket that serves as a diving board for the chipmunks, cover the bucket with a board that has a hole (approx 3"x3") just big enough for a chipmunk but too small for a squirrel. It worked for me! Bagged a chipmunk in first day. And there's no way a squirrel could get to the seeds.

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FWiW, I got my indoor munk with the Havahart.

Good luck, gardeners!

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I have been playing with and feeding these critters for years. Never had a problem with them. This year a neighbor got a small terrier, and basically decimated the population, except for one wiley bugger. This monk was so destructive! He dug holes everywhere, and what really got me was that I kept noticing the blossoms on pumpkin plants disappearing. I was sitting on the porch, I looked to my left, and there is the little butthead with a blossom in his mouth!

Then a friend of mine told me about the bucket and board method and I was skeptical. I did a quick search and found this thread. Using an old spackle bucket and a door shim I set up the pool of death. I had a set of stairs off of the porch. I placed the bucket next to the steps, laid the shim on a step that was the same height as the bucket and made a plank to the center of the bucket (looked like a diving board).

I weighted down one end of the shim on the step with a brick. Originally I thought the idea was to get him out on the edge and let the diving board tip and dunk him in. That did not work. They are too quick, so that is why I put the brick on it so it would stay stable.

I filled it halfway with water, topped with seeds and put a few on the diving board. I kept finding the seeds eaten, but no drowned chipmunk. Bummer. I even watched him. I had pretty much given up hope. Then in rained.

The bucket was on the side of the porch where water comes down from the roof. The rain filled the bucket to the top. In fact, the diving board was right on the edge of the water. Seeing this, I just said "meh, I will mess with it tomorrow".

So today I get up and go outside forgetting about the trap. I noticed I had a big bright blossom on a pumpkin plant that was this monks favorite victim. Hmm, I go over to the bucket, and there he is, floating and as hard as the diving board. It works..

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daria(Z5A ME)

The "swimming pool" method worked for me, too. I set it up as everyone else did and scattered a few seeds around it for good measure. We had it set up for one night and caught the chipmunk who has been eating all of my squash and corn seeds before they germinate (I saw him in the act), plus a mouse. Tonight I can feel safe in replanting those seeds for the third time. Let's hope that they actually do something in my Maine garden, before frost.

I feel a little bit guilty about doing away with the chipmunk, but I have put so much time, effort, and money into having a nice vegetable garden that I can justify it. I'm going to have my husband chip the brush pile though, because it's not fair that we have a place for them to live on our property.

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Like many on this thread I too feel guilty about eliminating chipmunks ... but became increasingly frustrated and desperate when the population exploded and over ran our property and garden areas. Destructive, brazen and invasive is ALL an understatment when I see what these cute little critters have become.

Also like many on this thread I thought the "bucket thing" was a hoax. You have to be kidding ... chipmunks, smart enough to avoid traps, are going to just leap to their death like lemmings because they smell/see a pile of sunflower seeds floating in a bucket.

Now I too am a believer, catching at least one a day, and I have gotten over my guilt. Maybe now I can go back to living in harmony with the munks ... they can populate the wooded area all they want, and those who took residence under my porch and rock walls, raising havoc on the balcony, in the screened in porch, and tearing apart ALL my deck planters can go back to the woods or perish.

Only problem with the bucket is, squirrels because of their longer body and inherent gymnastic abilities would lean over the edge of the bucket (from the board) and scoop up seeds without falling in.

I think I have solved the problem by placing a board that covers the bucket, with an opening just large enough for the chipmunk, but too small to allow a squirrel free access. Since covering the bucket in this manner I have only caught chipmunks and haven't seen evidence of squirrels poaching the bucket.

Try it, it works.

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Oh boy does this work. Hubby calls it the "bucket of death".

I set mine up on July 6th and we knew that we had a big problem with the chipmunks, but we didn't realize how really bad it was till this past weekend.

From July 6th through today, we have gotten 42 chipmunks and I'm still finding new holes dug and damage to many plants.

Since we have started with the bucket and neighbors have asked what it's for, there is a neighborhood of "buckets of death" all over the neighborhood.

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diydana(NE ohio)

Munk update:
I have not seen another munk anywhere.
After my last post on July 06 :we redrum 2 more munks and two more black birds. I started using the left over pool water to load the bucket. My teen says the water smells bad to the munks. I have not bagged a munk or spied one either.
Today, I am doing my paper work in the dining room and I hear singing....chip, chip,chip,chip.
Oh bother. I spotted 2 munks in the yard.
Off to re-fill with hose water and seed.
Megadave you said,"The chipmunks will swim right into the container." Are you kiddin' me? Our munks have deep and long holes with many other escape tunnels connecting. I cannot imagine it working....here. Have a pic of it? I gotta see it!
Littleonefb: You said,"what do we do with all the seeds that are still in the water." I have no problem there as the squirrels bob for them. I load the trap around noon. Catch a munk soon after and the squirrel cleans out the seeds in the am. I start again. You can dump those seeds and the birds eat them, strain them out and dispose of or let them grow into seedlings on your mulch and then weed them out to the trash.
BTW~ 42!!!! munks? You win!

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I got 2 in the firts hour.I made my diving board from some 1x4 approx 14 inchs long with two 4 inch pcs screwed into the middle of the board about one inch apart. SET IT ON THE SIDE OF THE BUCKET WITH SOME SUNFLOWER BAIT AND BESIDE MY DECK WHERE THEY EAT MY TOMATOES AND I WAS IN BUISNESS.......THANKS A LOT.

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mrswaz(Z5A NE WI)

I'm chiming in here to say that, indeed, The Great Swimming Pool works. I used a fruit & nut birdseed meant for cardinals since that's what we had on hand. Worked amazingly quick- just a few hours.

I wasn't prepared though for seeing the little critter in the bucket. Ew.

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The little devils are between the drywall walls in my house !! Any suggestions on how to get them out (without tearing out the drywall!) or methods to "kill them in place" ???

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How to fill the deep tunnels and burrows in my retaining walls? I live in a wooded area on a steep hill with many retaining walls. Several retainig walls are three terraces and up to 12 feet high. Between the rocks in many areas, are very deep and large holes. I am told they are chipmunks and mice, and probably a family of woodchucks. I have seen all of these critters when I'm in the yard. I also counted 50-60 holes/burrows in the yard. Some of the terraces are sinking and I fell into a deep hole yesterday. My husband is worried that with some heavy rains the walls in this area may collapse and expose our footings. We have to get rid of the critters, but I'm not sure how to repair the damage and how to fill the extensive tunnel system that exists in the walls and all over our yard. Please help! Any suggestions?
Sinking in Wisconsin.

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finally found a way to get rid of chipmunks. they love to crawl up our gutter down spouts ( or wahtever they are called)
take a down spot - 6 feet or more. block off one end. (hammer it together). put in some bird seed. Place it near where the chipmunks feed or nest. eventaually one will crawl in and eat and hide in there.

Pick it up so that the chipmunk falls to the blocked end.

Before you turn it over so the chipmunk falls out, decide where and how and what you want to turn it over into. - depending on how you plan to dispose of the chipmunk.

have caught 8-10 this way.

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Sonic devices? Has anyone used a sonic device to get rid of the chipmunks? I have read that they usually have a hole nest of them and so the pool of death seems like it will take a long time and i hate the idea of dealing with their dead bodies.. Plus it seems very time consuming I am wondering if anyone has used these sonic devices? if so do any work? could you recommend a brand?
Please help as the chipmunks have tunneled all over my yard and now we have huge sinkholes everywhere!

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WOW! You all have some great ideas here. I have a serious problem with ground squirrels. They have been eating my fig tree roots which doesn't bother me so much since I have a lot of them all over my property and they grow year round here in AZ. Last summer they ate the roots out of just about everything in my garden. I never knew what was actually digging those holes until a few days ago when I saw little Rocky Squirrel popping his head up out of the ground on the outside of the garden fence. He was only about 3 feet away and showed no fear of my cat or me. Before that I was guessing it was a gopher or maybe a mole or something. A few weeks ago it bit my cat on her nose. Now the little guy will peak out of the holes outside of the garden fence where the cat cannot get to him and tease my cat as if saying 'ha ha ha kitty, you'll never get me!� As fast as I fill in the holes in the garden he will dig out a new one. I've never killed an animal before, but now I�ll do whatever is necessary to get that potentially rabid, disease carrying varmints out of here for good. I spent over a $100 on 6 of those sonic spikes to try and chase them out THEY DON�T WORK! Don�t waste your money on them. I have tried filling the holes with water, they just start new holes in other areas a few hours later. I�ve tried tossing mothballs down the holes, didn�t work. Tried dumping used kitty litter in their holes, didn�t work. I don't want to use poison because of my cat and I don�t want to contaminate my garden soil. I'm considering the bucket method with a large trash can ... I just need some input ... will this really get rid of them? Any input is appreciated. Oh yes, your bleeding heart animal rights people � DEAL WITH IT!!! I believe in animal rights to a point, but I still eat quite a variety of tasty animals. Why do you think we have meat-cutting teeth in our mouths? TO EAT MEAT JACKASS!!! And for you vegetarians � don�t you think that carrot is screaming when it�s yanked out of the ground? Isn�t it cruel to decapitate a head of lettuce? Get real, eat an animal, they�re full of nutrition.

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Hello I need help with ground squirrel's. They have killed most of my plant's. I like the swimming pool idea
I was wondering if it would work with a trash can next to a retaining wall and fill it with water and sun flower seed's and put a very light board for diving. Do you think it would work for ground squirrel's. It would be when they went after the food they would fall in. Please help. They are driving me crazy. Thank

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Our house, located in rural Connecticut, is over run with chipmunks. They especially like playing in the cellar and while I work building a new staircase they run up to me and squawk. They seem to be saying, "What are you doing in my house?!" So, I chase them and try to kill them with 2 by 4s and various carpentry tools. Yes, I used to like chipmunks and enjoyed watching their playful nature and their cute appearance. But now they are invaders that ripped out my insulation, pooped everywhere, built nests in every nook and cranny, scattered nuts and debris everywhere and burrowed holes all over my lawn. Our retaining wall now tilts like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, soon I will have to spend money and weeks rebuilding the wall. Of course I am focused and dedicated to getting rid of ALL of the munks.

First I tried traditional spring loaded rat traps and peanut butter. Well the traps sat outside and inside and only attracted ants, and after a week they started to rust.

Then I tried a Havahart trap # 2025, bought from Home Depot for about $21, baited with all natural organic peanut butter (as glue and aroma attractor) and hearty birdseed mix with corn and sunflower seeds and some other seeds.

While waiting for the munks to find the Havahart trap I found this forum! I read the whole thread like a great novel that I could not put down. And as I read through the thread I was convinced that I needed to build a pool of death. It sounded so simple. So inexpensive, so efficient, and so many people were happy with the effectiveness of their pools of death. I was filled with glee to build my own pool of death tomorrow and hopefully kill my first demon munk.

The rain broke and the next morning was bright and sunny. I walked outside and I was happily surprised to find a munk in the Havahart trap. Yah! I didnt waste my money I got one! I finally caught a chipmunk after 4 days using the Havahart. At this slow rate I might be rid of the munks by next spring. However, the first few days the weather was cold in the 40s and wet with light rain. The munk was caught on a dry and sunny day with the temperature warm in the 70s.

Still I wanted to build a pool of death. Before I took the munk caught in the Havahart trap to be released I wanted to build and setup my pool of death. I now wanted to see which trap worked better. I got a white 5 gallon bucket from the cellar, made the ramp from the ground to the top of the bucket out a six inch wide piece of plywood with the top end cut at 45 degrees to match the surface of the diving board. The diving board was made from a piece of 2 by 6 (5 inches long, top side) with one end cut at 45 degrees. I used to 2 inch screws to attach the two pieces of wood, I predrilled the holes to avoid splitting the wood.

I put the bucket near the top of the retaining wall where the munks like to sit and chirp. I filled the bucket 75 percent with water. I thickly covered the surface of the water with sunflower seeds until there was a dry top layer. The sunflower seeds were bought from Home Depots garden center because I wanted to use the black and white striped type of sunflower seeds. I could only find the plain black sunflower seeds at WalMart, Ocean State Job Lot and a local hardware store. I also sprinkled just a few of the sunflower seeds around the diving board and along the approach board. I put a flat rectangular cinder block to hold down and stabilize the approach ramp where it touched the ground. With that my pool of death was set and ready for the Munks.

Now I was ready to take the Munk in the Havahart trap on a drive to be released in a state forest 20 minutes away; Lucky chipmunk considering the price of gas is now at 4 dollars a gallon. I put the Havahart trap in a large white plastic bag, with the end open for air, before I put the trap in my trunk. Upon arriving at the release site I removed the trap from the white plastic bag. I looked into the plastic bag and saw lots of pee and poop from my passenger, looked more like enough pee and poop for 5 chipmunks than just one. I am so happy I put the trap in a plastic bag for the ride!! I released the munk and it walked away into the bushes.

Once home I checked the progress of my pool of death. All the sunflower seeds that I put on the approach ramp and diving board were gone. However, I saw no floating drowned munk. Oddly most of the sunflower seeds on the top layer now looked wet. So I took a stick and stirred around the bucket to see if a munk sank instead of floated. YES!! I had a sunk dead munk!! In only an hour and a half the pool of death caught my first munk! I do think that a warm sunny day helped, but I am now a firm believer in the effectiveness of the Pool of Death at chipmunk extermination.

Thank you everyone here at this forum. I am SO GREATFUL for your posts!!

I am still using the Havahart and the PoD (Pool of Death). I will post and update after all the chipmunks have been removed or the battle comes to an interesting point.

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I have caught 3 munks yesterday and two today..I have only started the bucket plan yesterday and I am very happy with it..I use an old fireplace shovel to scoop the munk out and then I just fling him into the tree patch a few feet away..I am buying a cheap pellet gun to get the squirrels who rob the seeds. Head shots from an open window just several feet from the bucket .I have lived here for about 20years on this property in peace with all the surrounding animals but enough is enough..I also have damage on my lawn and garden. I will wage the war because I don't need them in my house.. I also hear the scratching late at night and they are no longer welcomed..Home land security starts at home!...

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Darn Pests eat my peaches when there the size of walnuts. Get the Silver "Rat Zapper" - 4 D batteries, No Fuss, No Mess, just Dead Varmints.

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Got 7 munks in 4 days with bucket trap..
I have seen them eat a few seeds off the plank and then jump to the bucket rim and then right into the water with no regard...the squirrels are smarter than that!..
No poison,no blood,no guts...easy..just safe stuff..seeds,peanut butter,water...some have jumped when the plank is placed near the edge and some have jumped when the plank is almost halfway across the bucket...doesn't seem to matter to them...

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Caught another 2 today with the same bucket trick..This time it was different..I have two separate buckets for trapping..they were both neglected for 1 day by me not adding any more seeds because the squirrels were reaching into the buckets and stealing the seeds...whatever was left in the buckets were water logged and most were no longer floating..the water was exposed and very obvious...this didn't matter though because the two still went into the buckets..two buckets..two kills..amazing!!..altogether 10 chipmunks that I don't need to worry about anymore to destroy my property in one weks trapping...at this rate,a 20 lb. bag of birdfood sunflower seeds will last over a month..stopped wasting peanut butter too..water/seeds/bucket is all I need

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I placed 5 pools of death in strategerically thought out places around the house where I knew monks were prevalent. My record is 12 chips and at leats 15 moles/mice. My cats destroy with extreme prejudice any home intrusion of mice, but, outside, my lanon stone deck is suffering, not to mention my garden. I have never used a ramp. I always place the pool or PoD (yatri's coin) near a low lying shrub or tree for easy access for the little demons. I'd love to be retired and set up a sniper post with a .22 or .17, but I'll stick with the PoD, not to mention my city would just slightly frown upon the discharge of a firearm down range.

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My posting of last summer is proof I quickly became a PoD believer, but now I have found a more convenient, reliable method of chipmunk control ... the RAT ZAPPER. With one "zapper" I have eliminated 21 munks in approximately 10 days. It's fast, easy to maintain. I place a mother-load of sunflower seed at the back of the chamber, flip the switch and whammo. One some days I have caught 4 ... it seems as soon as I empty the trap and reset it, there's another one.

Location seems to be very important. Under shrubs and near visable, active holes seems to be most effective. While the bucket works, this is cleaner, more convenient ... no bucket to maintain/seed to replenish.

This bucket believer is now a zapper!

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Does the RAT ZAPPER work on mature squirrels?
They are another problem that I want to deal with...

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YES, as 2 squirrels made their way into the zapper accidently. I have been baiting my zapper for munks and placing it near their burrows. So I can't say with 100% certainty, but I suspect it would work

Here's a passage from a website forum that initially peaked my interest ...
"they work by storing an electric charge in capacitors. The charge is drawn from batteries and when a small rodent like a rat, ground squirrel or chipmunk enters the device and steps on the ground pad a lethal electric charge kills them. The shock has good voltage but is not a hazard to animals over 5 lbs. Like live traps, chipmunks will not get afraid of these devices. They will readily enter them never noticing others that have been killed by the shock. There is no apparent physical damage like that sustained from a snap trap. For chipmunks, bait them with pecan paste or peanut butter and some sunflower seed."

I hope this helps.

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Exactly how has everyone configured your PoD? I understand the ramp up to the top of the bucket but am lost as to what size the diving board should be and how you assemble it and how long is the ramp up to the bucket. For something so simple I'm having a heck of a time picturing how the ramp/diving board come together since the ramp is obviously placed at an angle to the bucket.

From what I'm imagining I'll need a mitre saw to make the ramp and plank of death fit together. OR is it enough to just put up the ramp and then rest a board across the bucket, but perpendicular to and touching the ramp to be used as the diving board?

These darned things cost me a FORTUNE last year and are now back and I can't afford professionals again in '08 - especially if the darned things are still finding ways to get back in in spite of hardware cloth, etc.

Thanks for your advice!

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Just wanted to chime in - another satisfied Dunk Tank customer here.

I googled "chipmunk in house", found this page, and set up my dunk tank the next morning before I left for work. I put it near the munk's entrance to our house. When I came home, he was at the bottom of the bucket.

No more scratching in the walls! I love home-made solutions that work!

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I have a question regarding using D-Con (yes, I'm that desperate): If I leave this stuff in my garden, will the chipmunks bury it in the beds like they seem to do with the sunflower seeds they raid? (I used to joke that I had a chipmunk farmer and thought it was really cute. It's not cute any more!) I'm afraid that they will bury it in the herb & vegetable garden, in turn poisoning MY FAMILY!

I once used D-Con to spike some pumpkin chunks after the munks/squirrels destroyed my kid's jack-o-lantern, even with hot pepper all over it. This was by the front door, however, not anywhere near the backyard garden, and also after I had harvested for the year. It worked great, but I'm worried about putting this stuff so close to where my family gets our food from.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Meantime, I'm heading outside to set up a lovely little "swimming pool."

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Check out this useful site for do-it-yourself pest control. It also deals with yard rodents.

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The chipmunk pool works and you might not need the diving plank. Found this out by accident when a rubbermaid tub under my deck filled with water after a rain storm. Found several chippers in there last summer. Once I found the first accidental victim I just left it there because it was genius. Didn't even have bait.

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When you, um, eliminate the squirrels, don't new squirrels just move in the claim the territory? I wouldn't mind getting rid of the ones in my yard but getting rid of a whole neighborhood's population would be a lot of work regardless of the method.

The theory of feeding them so they police their own territory sounds ok, too. Maybe I'd try that and put a roost for a hawk near the feeding spot.

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RE: THE DIVING-BOARD STRATEGY. A couple tweaks to make this method fail-safe. (At least it's working for me now.) First, be sure to COVER the surface of the water with the sunflower seeds--no clever chip will be fooled by just a scattering of seeds. BUT THAT'S THE PROBLEM:: As the dry seeds rest on the water surface, they gradually become saturated and sink to the bottom of the bucket. My solution: Into a cup of dry seeds, pour a tablespoon of cooking oil. Stir well, so that the seeds are completely coated with the oil. Now they are seaworthy, and will float on the surface for long period of time. Be sure to use enough seeds to completely conceal the water.

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obviously the people who are using the drowning in the bucket don't have squirrels. I set my bucket up and watch as a squirrel climbed up the ramp and ate the sunflower seeds that were suppose to attract the chipmunks. I am now setting up my bucket under a tree stump that I see the chipmunks running around on. We'll see what happens. The rat traps work but I don't like to take the body off so I throw it away or it disapears. I guess I will go check my bucket to see if anything has fallen in, I will use the oil with my sunflowers. good idea

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I'm outraged about killing cute animals!!! This depresses me. When I get depressed I eat. I'm going out tonight and order the "Young Rabbit Special."! Thanks for the advice everyone....


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WAR has been declared.We are over run by the little striped devils.I tried rat traps with little success. I have a neighbor who uses a Haveahart and finishes them off with a pellet gun He go over 60 last season. I bought an electronic trap at the local Tractor Supply ( $35.00) I am learning to use it. Place it on a run they use.Put a soda cap full of peanut butter in the very back. sprinkle some bird seed in front of the trap. They grab the seed then go in the trap and zap. They look like they have been layed out for a funeral. A little led flashes. Turn the trap off and tilt the trap to dump the remains out. I'm learning but I have gotten 6 in 3 days.

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Well, I am so over run by chippers I can't take it. They ate about 30 sunflowers, half my garden, and more. I tried the bucket of death...I have 3 in fact in strategic points around the yard. I catch 2-3 at a time near the veggie garden. It's just too gross to dump them out, makes me ill. Wish there was an easier way. Today I heard one scratching and splashing like crazy and couldn't take it, i had to go in the house. I've got my neighbor doing the same thing so I don't have to do all of them myself.

Maybe the zapper is more humane... dunno.

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Try - http://www.bugspray.com/articles98/chipmunks.html

They sell a bait that is like crack to chipmunks. They also sell traps. I have caught 23 in the last week.

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I too have had a problem with large numbers chipmunks burrowing around my house. At first we got rid of all of our bird feeders but they still came year after year. Even in the winter they don't always hibernate and they tunnel under the snow.

The main problem is that they tunnel under our brick walkway and you find out the hard way when the sections collapse. Usually you can predict when and where that will occur because the holes are obvious next to the walkway and the chipmunks themselves are always quite conspicuous going in and out of the holes. But sometimes you find out the hard way by stepping on a section that collapses. Fun.

When you lift the bricks you can easily see the neatly carved out winding and meandering paths that interconnect various holes surrounding the walkway.

Also, they tunnel right up next to the house against the foundation esp. in the winter to stay warm. If any die there you get to smell it for at least a week. I have dug them up and found the rotting corpses. Real fun. Even more fun if they find a way into the house then die. Yes they do get into houses, not often, and anyone is wrong if they think otherwise, but they do.

I got the Rat Zapper 3 years ago. I use peanut butter in a soda cap in the trap. The first summer(2009) I got 37 of the little buggers. The second summer I got only 5 but I believe it was not working properly past the first week or two. This year I got a new zapper and put it in a location less exposed to the elements and so far I got 12.
And my walkway looks like it will only need one repair this year, fingers crossed.

And this year I have finally begun to notice an increased presence of hawks and owls in our neighborhood. And I spotted a red fox on my front lawn just the other day. Hopefully these guys will contribute significantly to the war and maybe even take over.

Until then I will stick with the Rat Zapper.

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I have had 6 ground squirrels dive into the bucket in two days. This is really working - the worst part is when I check the bucket and one is struggling to get out - I have to push it down (with a rake) to finish it off in a hurry. Hate what this is doing to my karma - but they killed my baby desert tortoise and the garden is completely gone except for the tomato plants.

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The 5 gallon bucket works great if you bury it to the rim, flush with the ground at the corners of your house, fill it a little over half way with water, throw the sunflower seeds in and enjoy! Forget the plank, bring it down to the chipmunk's level!

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I just used the 5 gallon bucket process... it sat for less than 24 hours and nothing seemed to be happening... but then, in less than 2 hours, five chipmunks in one bucket... THANK YOU for posting everyone... your ideas worked great...

Now to watch and make sure I got them all...

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Quit killing animals, you bunch of redneck a-holes.

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Yup we are over run this year. The buckets are set, one with a balance board instead of a stationary diving board. We'll see how it works. We caught one in the house this same way a few years back when the cat brought one in.

And for all those who vehemently bash those of us who need to cure the overpopulation of Chipmunks, did you know that Chipmunks and other small rodents carry Lyme disease and the ticks that spread it to humans? I personally am tired of getting Lyme disease. Twice in the past five years. Thank you, but my god understands self preservation.

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I have read many posts regarding live capture and it is a great idea but not necessarily the best.

I do believe in live and let live attitude to a point.

However, when these little cute destructive creatures start demolishing my home and property then something more than live capture and release or live and let live idea becomes a quest to protect my property and dwellings anyway and by any means necessary.

So, whether it be shooting, poisoning , rat traps or whatever I must do it.

They have literally cost me thousands of dollars in repair costs and continue to devour my property.
They have gotten into closets and chewed holes in brand new expensive quilts boxes of stored food and clothing, etc!

They chew up clothing, insulation, chew holes in walls, tunnel in yard and garden get into vehicles and chew up wiring seats etc!

They have chewed electric wiring in the house sheds and barns creating electrical hazards which are expensive to repair as the circuit needs to be totally rewired.

They are very cute but highly destructive little monsters that need to be destroyed like any other destructive force threatening your home you need to stop them by any means.

Just saying!

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