Hydroton to Soil

jackblastoMarch 27, 2014

I looked online and it seems like everyone wants to know how to go the OTHER way, NOT hydroton to soil... Well, I want to go that way if possible?

I have some tomatoes that are starting nice, want them in my ebb and flow/ flood and drain system in hydroton and once the weather gets nice enough I want to move them outside in soil. By the time the weather is good enough for this it will be a good two months and these tomato plants will be near full size meaning I'm certain that roots will be stuck to the hydroton.

Can I do this? Thanks

Another thought. If I can't easily accomplish this is there some sort of portable way to make the hydro situation? I'm working with 2x2 flood tables that will stay where they are in my basement. Trying to use the outdoor sun when it's nice enough and not use my electricity. These tomato plants are called "better bush" and are made to be container tomato and produce year round so I even intend to move them back inside when the weather gets cold again. I mean if moving them to soil isn't ideal since I'm going to try and move them back after 5 months... could I rig a 5 gallon bucket system of sorts and keep the tomato plants in the net pots they are in? Simply create another hydro system that would work on my porch?

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I think all your ideas are possible, except for moving an outdoor soil plant back indoors into a hydro system. It would be a lot easier to just grow a new plant. Transplanting the plant now is easy - just bury any hydroton that doesn't want to come off the roots. Transplant shock will be less that way as well.

If you are going to do multiple plantings, then a determinate variety will give you higher production. There are also now several indeterminate dwarf varieties that have been bred by volunteer backyard gardeners across the world to have heirloom flavor. I'm trying them for the first time this year myself: Sweet Sue, Summertime Gold, Tasmanian Chocolate, and Perth Pride are some of the names. They are open-pollinated, so you can save the seed.

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Hi You can cut a hole in the lid of a 5 gal (19 litre) bucket that is sized for the net pot. Put a bubbler stone in the bottom and use an aquarium air pump to keep the water oxygenated.
I run 3 buckets off of one pump.

Here are some of my bubble buckets from 8 days ago. They will hopefully be going out side for the summer. there are tomatoes, strawberries and one bucket with lettuce.


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Looks great, everybody. Thanks! I'm gonna go with the bubble bucket method. Thanks for the heads up on seeds too. I got a "better bush tomato hybrid" that looks strong and says it produces year round, making moving it back inside under the lights when the weather gets cold again a nice option. Glad I didn't chuck it into soil thinking it'd be easy to get back into hydro again. Bubble bucket seems most reasonable solution. Thanks again

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Added another bubble bucket. the tomato plants sure have grown. This is eight days later, from the first picture posted.


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