queenbee_1(7)May 9, 2010

My hydrangeas are all FULL of small buds. I have never fertilized them and thought that might help since my soil isn't so great.. They are all at least 4yrs and some are still very small... I have Holly Tone (says it's for Hydrangeas, also)... Will they 'pout' IF I use some HT now?? Will the blooms drop? Any thing else I need to add??? Thanks..QB

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I have many different hydrangeas - paniculas, mopheads, lace caps, oakleaf. I never fertilize them at all and they do fine every year. You've got to be extra cautious fertilizing hydrangeas; in my opinion they don't need it. Maybe I am just lucky...

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Mine are very small also, and I have four Endless Summers, all different sizes. Some of them have hardly grown at all, and there is no rhyme or reason. Maybe someone on here can provide us with an answer and some help!

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I've always fertilized my mopheads and they are fine. Surviving the winter is a whole other story. LOL.

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