Roots turning brown

stansoidMarch 18, 2008

Hey everyone,

I am doing my first experiments with hydroponics.. So far so good, all of my plants have sprouted and are looking very good (on about day 23)..

My concern is this..

I did a nutrient change yesterday.. I switched out the old water with new water and the same levels of nutrients that the plants were at, except, today some of roots on my basil and on my dill have started to turn brown!! I am wondering if anyone has any idea what is going on?

The plants all still look quite good and have grown since yesterday.. There is also a tomato plant which has had no change in its roots..

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Update on that.. The tomato plants roots are starting to show signs of change as well :(

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A couple of guesses:

1) It could be that there is not enough oxygen in the water that is touching your roots. This is unlikely, since you've suggested that you just changed the water today, and the turbulence involved in changing water usually fully oxygenates it. Are you pumping air into your water?

2) (this is my guess) You used water right from the tap when you replaced your nutrients, and the chlorine in the tap water shocked the roots. It won't kill the roots, but it will tick them off for a day or so. Are you letting tap water sit out for a day before you use it in your hydroponics system?

It could also be pythium, but I've never seen it so can't really help in that dept. Hope it isn't though!

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I did use tap water... and no I did not allow it time to stand.. That would make sense.. Well hopefully they come around, and then I will not make that mistake again!

Unfortunately, I flushed the water with new water today.. thus likely doubling the problem.

Thanks for the advice.. I will post an update if (when!) they recover.

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You were right.. The plants just kept on growing and the roots are alright again.. a few of them had to get trimmed off, but the plants are just growing new ones / recovering some of them..

All is well..

Thanks for the advice,

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