How to regulate Temp For Tomato

cprintMarch 16, 2009

I was so excited to think I could grow an Early Girl Tomato Plant over the winter by Hydroponics. And now after 3 months, and a number of mistakes, I have learned that I may not ever get any tomatoes. I have yet to figure out how I can maintain 68-75 degree Temperatures during the day and 53 degrees at night. Im hoping someone can tell me their secret to this temperature issue. By the way, I'm growing it inside here in Illinois. Thanks, Everyone!

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greystoke(South Africa(11))

Have you tried fish tank heaters?

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I'm not sure if I'm getting this temperature thing right. Am I supposed to be heating and cooling the air temperature or the water temperature? Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks!

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Think of dirt farming! The soil temperature, except for the very top, varies little from day to night. But the air temperature does. Some evenings it may not drop under 70 in the dead of summer, other evenings it may be anywhere from the low 50s to mid-60s. So if your room gets into the low 80s during the afternoon and cools a bit at night, you'll be mimicking the outdoors.

But there is also lots of air movement outside, so be sure you have a fan blowing on the plants for a while each day. And of course, there is the lighting issue and the birds and bees thing. Presuming you have enough lights - the sun provides about 65,000 lumens on a partially overcast day - you can gently shake the plants once blooms appear. Most places say you should do this between 9-11 am. Others have also used a hand massager to stimulate the plants and help pollinate the flowers.

I'm trying to grow Siletz because it is parthenocarpic.


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