Can't decide...Q, P or M?

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)May 11, 2010


Location...under bay window in front yard, very prominent.

What between boxwood and Meidiland white rose

What I like and and don't like...

'Ticked Pink' leafs out early, but no fall color

'Pee Wee' may look informal/awkward early, may lose buds during some winters, but has fall color and cool foilage

'Twist n Shout' leafs out late (assuming it will die back every year), but has fall color

Any suggestions? The Paniculata seems to be the best choice?

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If you can get only one, my choice would be either Pee Wee or Tickled Pink. Twist and Shout is always going to struggle a little in your area. I'm assuming you want a smaller paniculata and not something like Limelight (or maybe you already have Limelight). I'm trying a new dwarf paniculta this year called 'Lil Lime' from Wayside. The blooms are full like Limelight's. However, you may prefer the airy, light blooms like Pee Wee and Tickled Pink, but I like the filled out blooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: All About Hydrangeas

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I vote for TP (no experience yet-just planted) dried blooms waving & *gamboling* ('luv the word!) in Winter breeze!

*'Tickled Pink' leafs out early, but no fall color*

Beats my front planted-encaged Serratas/laced w/ fake garland of holly!!! LOL

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little lamb is also good

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