Sweet Potato Vine

dbrb1(z5 IA)August 30, 2004

I used sweet potato vine in pots for the first time this year and liked them. Like Fountain Grass, I find them expensive to buy and was hoping to winter some over for spring. I was wondering about taking cuttings before the frost and starting them in water or soil. I'd appreciate any help with the best way to do this. I'm planning on putting a grow light in my garage for the purpose of wintering some of my annuals.



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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)

I've done the cuttings thing and it works fine, but the plants need to be indoors where it's warm. They are very tender.

In the early spring, I take cuttings again because the winter growth tends to be stringy (leggy). Those second cuttings are the ones that make it to the garden.

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lilycrazy(Zone 5- Iowa)

OK- stupid question here, but have you ever tried rooting a "real" sweet potato ?? I cut one into chunks and plant in potting mix, keep it moist but not soaking- pretty soon they sprout and for the price of just one sweet potato I get 6 or 8 plants or more. I have them in pots of soil and growing in my pond- in the waterfall and tucked into pots of other pond plants

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Iowagal(z4 IA)

Hi Don. Don't know what else you've got in the pot or how big the pot is, but if it has room, it increases. What I do is take the plant in, keep it alive under lights in my very cool basement, and in the spring, dig it up and divide the tubers and re-plant. They don't look good at all in the winter, but make wonderful plants in no time in the spring.

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