Blushing Bride

percival46(zone6 NJ)May 21, 2009

I have a two year old Blushing Bride which I love. I bought two additional ones and the leaves on the new ones are a much deeper green than my existing one. The one I have is doing very well otherwise and has many buds on it, but I am concerned that perhaps it is missing some nutrient and therefore the leaves are not as green as they should be. Is there some fertilizer that I should be adding? Thank you.

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Nitrogen fertilizer makes the foliage green. The more you apply, the greener the foliage, but don't expect to see many blooms. All of the plant's energy is being used to promote green growth, not flowers.
If your existing one has many flower buds, and you prefer flowers, rather than a green shrub, adding a layer of compost around the plant once or twice a year, spring and/or fall. is all that's necessary for a healthy plant.
The one's you recently purchased, were probably fertilized to produce lush green foliage, which would attract shoppers.

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