More hosta pics!

esther_bMay 13, 2014

Yes, there are a couple more hosta pics that, in my exhaustion last night, I didn't post. Here they are:

The FABULOUS Remember Me:

The simply GORGEOUS Paradise Island:

The coming-along Rainforest Sunrise:

A young emergent Yellow Polka Dot Bikini:

And a bonus, the first bloom on my new Strike-It-Rich rose:

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They look so good, Esther!

Don B.

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Thanks, Don.

Remember what I went through to dig out the new extension to the garden from raw turf during the night, and desperately digging up my hostas from under the tree before they plowed under my garden. And then finding the missing Blue Cadet pipping in the middle of the lawn last week, and transferring it to safety in my handicapped neighbor's garden.

It was so worth it to see those hostas, and the ones I've ordered since, thriving so nicely both in my original garden and the Neighbor's Plot.

Tomorrow I should be receiving my Cameo, Ruby Mantle sedum, and heuchie Ginger Snap from the errant Casita Azul and my Sparkler and Country Mouse from Hostaguy. So excited!

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Ludi _PA_7a

Esther, sounds like you got a good book brewing there. Lots of intense 'action scenes' while you rescue your innocent babies from the big bad bully. Given your experiences over the past two years, maybe you could call it . . .

The Great Hostacapades !!! It'd be a best seller, and you can bet we'd all buy a copy. :p

But in all seriousness, your hostas look healthy and happy, a reflection of the attention and love they've been shown. :)

Keep on truck'n, and remember me when the royalties hit. âÂÂ¥


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