Material to hold coco coir in grow pots for hydro

pacchiraku(7b)March 19, 2013

Hello, I have a recirculating hydro system built with PVC and have 48 holes to fill with strawberries. Question is, since coco coir and LECO rocks (clay balls) work well for aeration, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a material that works well to hold in the coco coir in the pots without it falling out (using 3" pots for now) and therefore doesn't clog things up but will, most importantly, let the strawberry roots out into the stream of water below? Ideas? Thanks

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Have you tried a netpot? When I used coir it didn't tend to move through a 1/2" dia hole. That is not to say any won't fall through, but I don't think most of it will.

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Since you are using 3 inch pots, you can try adding clay stones at the bottom, or get one of those insect nets and surround the inside of the pot with it.

But instead of trying to cover each pot, why not just place a filter to where the solution drains? Its easier to maintain

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