*!#@!@ Rabbits!!

gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)May 3, 2004

So far, rabbits have dessicated two ferns, two phlox, and part of a coral bell. I'm ready to declare war. What do you all have personal experience with that actually works to repel rabbits (besides a dog or cat)?

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I'm going way out there with this one, but it works.
Where do you live in MO? Do you have access to a zoo that houses big cats? Here in Austin we have an animal sanctuary turned real zoo with the addition of exotic creatures. One thing that keeps the bunnies away is cougar or fox scat. It took some courage to make the phone call to our zoo and ask for cougar poo, but they were happy to part with it. I was sure they would think I was loony, but they didn't say anything about the 'crazy lady' when I picked it up. The deer and jack rabbits won't come near my place.
One thing--dang, it's stinky! It takes about a month for the cat smell to go away---but maybe I overdid it. I live on acreage and the animals were eating all my 'deer resistant' plants to the ground. I was desperate.
In any case, if you don't have access to a zoo, look online for products that have fox, coyote, or big cat urine in them. Anything with hot pepper in it just seems to invite my critters closer. Maybe that's cuz I'm in Texas. You know we love the spicy stuff down here.
Good luck,
C. in Austin

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Hmmm, good idea! I saw coyote urine - yuck! and some other predator urine in our local nursery.
Might be at yours too Gardenfanatic.

I have 2 dogs so didn't think it would be a good idea, but I might revaluate that. I have 2 Rottweilers who don't scare our bunnies at all!! Our sub is getting overun with them and I guess that old saying about how quickly they reproduce is true!!

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If you don't live in the city limits, a 22 works quit well and provides meat for the freezer. Also non-polluting! Just don't eat anything that doesn't act healthy. They get buried.

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