Weaver ants! Friend or foe?

enoughcliches(Tropical)May 5, 2007

I woke up today and got a shock when I realized my garden was being swarmed by red weaver ants. I had noticed a few of them over the past weeks, but had always assumed they were just 'strays'. Now they're building their leaf-nests all over my morning glories and hibiscus plants. I did read somewhere that some gardeners use them as a form of natural pest control, but is it worth it to endure painful bites and unslightly bunches of leaves? What are the most effective methods of control that will have a minimal impact on my organic garden?

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Whether these highly social ants are a friend or foe can only be judged by you. There are plant species that secrete sap designed to attract these wee buggers, other plants do nothing active to attract them and few have been found that would actually try to inhibit their presence.
I have seen nothing that will control them that wil not also kill off many other beneficials. If you could find the queen ant and eliminate her the colony might move on.

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