Growng a variety of veggies in one .

JjfelixMarch 9, 2014


I'm new at hydroponics so if my question is stupid sorry. I have a 40 site system and I want to a variety of different vegetables. How do I regulate the nutirants since every plant has different needs.


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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

Good luck with your new system. It would be difficult to make separate meals for each plant in a small system when each share the same punch-bowl, and pH and EC issues also complicate life. You can make small adjustments like plant placement or restricting flows to parts of a system, but these are far from being a convenient solution to what we would like to do. For many hobbiests, having two separate systems, a high EC (stronger nute) and low EC (weaker) system gives some flexibility.

Please look at this thread and in general search the archives. If you have a specific system, and tell us the prioritized list in the order of what your really want to grow, people could give you some pointers.

Happy growing...

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I have had some success growing different crops in bato buckets using the same nutrient. I always look up the range of nutrient concentration and pH each plant can tolerate and try to keep everything I grow in that range. I have also successfully used foliar feeding to supplement tomatoes growing in a vegetative nutrient mix when they required a fruiting nutrient.

I have also been feeding the plants with beneficial bacteria cultured from worm compost making a compost tea. This seems to have the effect of increasing any plants ability to uptake nutrients and even expand its pH range. I lack the analytical facilities to back this up with scientific proof but have read of the benefits and the claims seem to prove themselves in my system.

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You should look into stable plant food. Avoid liquid fertilizer, think granular, and keep NPK real at 1:1:1

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