Iowa State Fair 2005

iowa50126(z5IA)August 14, 2005

I made my annual visit to the Iowa State Fair today. What a perfect day to be at the fair...lots of sun and a nice cool breeze. I ate my required 10,000 calories of ice cream, "porkchops on a stick", lemonade and funnel cake. I passed on the free hard boiled eggs on a stick...the line was just too long. I've dropped 25 lbs this summer thru lots of walking and "starvation" I didn't feel bad about a little State Fair gluttony. Wow, those pork chops are good!

BTW I based on the crowd at about 2PM I think all of Iowa was at the fair today.

I arrived early enough to watch the WHO Radio broadcast of "Gardening Today" from the garden outside the Agriculture Building.

Mohamad Khan and Eileen Robb were just walking around with a cordless microphone and talking to people touring the garden. They had just one engineer who had a head set hooked up to a small radio...and that was all they needed to be on the air. I often listen to the show on Sunday mornings so it was fun to see them in person. .

The garden looked nice and was not muddy after yesterdays rain. I had remembered to bring a note pad and pen with me this year to take notes on some plants for next year. However, I managed to leave them in the car at the capitol and never thought about them until I was on the shuttle bus heading to the fair. :-)

I'd been looking for a Hound Dog Tool Co "Turf Hound" lawn areator. I found one at Home Depot in Ankeny for $17.97 on the way home.

Pete in Iowa Falls

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

I also was at state fair yesterday. I brought small pad along to jot down some of the combo's flowers. Walked around for 7 hours -then mowed 1 1/2 hours woth push mower-while dh used rider. We was pooped when hit the sack. But we had ate at truck stop acroos from adventure-land. Did have funnel cake. But did buy $440 worth of cooking pans. Type you can brown with out oil. Using them for first time tonight. But next time bringing camera but got LOTS of ideas. But found windows I want-now to earn money to pay for them. I also past on egg on a stick-line must have been block long.

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Well, guys I was at the fair on Sat. and I thought all of Iowa was there that day too. I ate a funnel cake, gyro, lemonade and cotton candy. I also brought my camera. I posted a link to some pictures on the thread "Lets get this forum underway" I hadn't been to the fair in many years and was impressed with their garden.


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