Pollinating Cucumbers (Holland White OG)

mrd05dMarch 6, 2013

My question is most likely a simple one to answer and I sorta feel dumb for asking but i have flowers now both male and female.

I tore the male off the plant took the flowers petals off and too the center and rubbed it against the center of the female flower. I figured this was how to pollinate Cucumbers.

My fear is that I didn't see any pollen inside the male cucumber flower at least not what i picture it would look like. Nothing seemed loose and if that is the case how could the pollen have transferred to the female flower. Can anyone take a minute to explain?

I just want to make sure i definitely get them pollinated.


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When most of the petals are removed, it is time for pollination. Just take the anthers of the male flower and gently rub it on anthers of the female one; but donâÂÂt touch the anthers tips because this is where the valuable pollen is located.

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This is what i believe i did. Is the pollen visible? I also tried using a qtip but couldn't see any pollen on it either. I sure hope I get the cucumbers to grow. How long does it take for them to become ripe once they are pollinated?

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The female cucumber will have a very small cucumber behind the flower. If the flower is properly pollinated that cucumber will grow, if not that miniature cucumber will turn yellow and shrivel up and fall off.

Doesn't take too long; maybe a week. If it starts turning yellow it's not done right or its not time yet. Also the first few ones usualy fall off anyway.


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Hmmm its been about a week so far. Of the female flowers that I pollinated, the first one's flower fell off while i was pollinating so I am sure that one will fail. The others seemed to do alright but I didn't visibly see any pollen on any male flowers to give the female flowers. I just assumed that i cant see it but it's there?

So far the other female flowers i pollinated closed up but they aren't turning yellow or getting larger. Still waiting to see what happens. No cucumbers or delicious treat. I hope to know soon.

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