black aphids on garlic chives

framedameMay 30, 2008

Everything I have ever read tells me that anything in the garlic/onion family is a deterrent to pests but I have a black aphid, leaves a purple stain when crushed, that is devouring my garlic chives. They are now moving to my onions and garlic. I have been spraying them with a soap solution and it kills them but they just keep appearing. I am getting frustrated and ready to pull up all my garlic chives and destroy them. I have an organic garden and don't want to use any chemicals. I would be glad to send some pictures of the little boogers and the damage they have done. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sandra

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

They "keep appearing" because some always remain alive after you spray. And it only takes one aphid to repopulate the plant.

They come to my chives every year. I hose them off several times, then give up and cut the leaves to the ground. The clump is fine when it regrows.

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