What kind of critter?

smom40(5MO)May 29, 2005

Back of the yard, near the common ground (where there are a lot of scrub-type bushes) there is a tunneling problem in the yard. Every few inches, there are holes where you can see down into the tunnel.

What kind of critter does this? Neither Dh nor I have seen any animals, but something is making these tunnels. We have no idea what steps to take next unless we know what the critter is...

Any guesses?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Are these raised tunnels that you can see winding around your yard....with occasional holes to the surface?

If so, moles AND voles.

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Holes every few inches down into the same tunnel. Laterally.

moles AND voles? AGGH!

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