Utra-sonic rodent control?

tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)May 27, 2013

Anybody ever try these ultrasound things to control squirrels?
Or will they just be laughing at me.

My wife grows sweet corn. Last season they found out about it, pretty much took all the corn.
I have a picket fence, but they went right throuth it.

If the ultrasound doeson't worrk, (I doubt it will) I can probably modify my 5K volt electric fence to greet them. The Black bears don't even touch that thing.

Any suggestions?

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There are many people that sell these things that will tell you they are very effective but every test I have seen done by the Ag research people at our state universities indicates they are a waste ot your money.
The best way to keep unwanted critters out of the garden is a good, tight fence (and an electric fence definately can help as well) that has part of the fence buried about 1 foot deep with a 1 foot section extended outward to discourage the burrowers.

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