Please help identify a leaf eating pest, on vegetables?

Vikk(8b sunset 10)May 8, 2005

I am losing my lettuce to something that is eating holes in the new leaves. It's a mix of lettuce and this pest appears to like certain types. Whatever it is is also eating on the peas (see picture), and tomatoes. Also coffee plant. So it seems to like the food crops not the flowers--my peony is fine. Yestday afternoon, assuming this pest was aphids, I searched gardenweb and found a remedy that had me out with a long paintbrush painting all my plants with a mixture of garlic, cayenne, onion and handsoap in water. The mixture was too thick to spray on so I brushed it. This may have scared off every living thing since this morning I can still smell garlic on my hands.

I am not used to dealing with pests or blights since my only gardening experience prior to the last year has been in another zone where I need do nothing and everything just grew. Can anyone tell me what this pest may be? Here is a picture of what it's done to the peas. (See down toward the ground leaves...

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creatrix(z7 VA)

Aphids don't chew holes in plants- they suck out the juices. But the stuff you put on them ought to scare away any munching bugs in the area! (you can probably thin the recipe with water and use a spray bottle next time)

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Vikk(8b sunset 10)

Hmmm. Not aphids. Okay. The only thing I did find was a small green caterpillar on the peas--the other day, which I removed. It was the same color as the peas.

Thanks for the information, creatix.

I guess a lot of things cause holes, then browning and some curling on the tomatoes....

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Vikk(8b sunset 10)

About 1/4 of an inch in size.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That's a nymphal grasshopper or katydid or something in that family.

I read about your careful that it doesn't burn the plant tissues, especially when the sun gets on them.

Look for tiny aphids clustered (and not moving) on the new stems and leaves. They may be green, yellow, brown, pink, etc.

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Vikk(8b sunset 10)

So far the feeding has ceased and I washed the garlic sauce off the next day, I imagine, when I watered.

Later today I go hunting for the culprit, if it's still around. If so, I'll water down the garlic mix as creatrix suggests.

Thanks so much for the ID and advice!

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