Castor oil won't mix with water

williez4aMay 16, 2008

Having a mole problem and wanted to try the 6oz castor oil, 2 tbsp dishsoap(ivory), gallon of water. I've got this in a gallon milk jug and can plainly see the castor oil floating on top of the water. I can shake it all I want and it still won't mix. Any ideas?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's a good idea to get a small hand blender or a regular blender to mix the original solution up in. You understand that you're supposed to mix up one ounce of that stuff into a gallon of water for your spray, right?

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rhizo, I'll try a blender. I also read somewhere that you're supposed to blend the castor oil and dishsoap together before adding the water, I didn't do that, I poured the castor oil and dishsoap into an empty milk jug, added water and then shook it. I will mix one ounce of this solution to one gallon of water. Thanks for the reply.

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6 ounces of Castor Oil in 1 gallon of water is too weak a solution according to the turf grass guys at Michgan State University. Their formula is 1 pint (16 ounces) of Castor Oil in a 1 quart hose end sprayer filled with water, about 1 pint of water. You will need to constantly agitate this mixture because like any other oil the Castor Oil does not easily mix with water.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You need to look at other sources of information, kimmsr.

Trust me, Willie. The recipe I gave you is very similiar to the vast majority of recommendations. It works. Be sure to apply thoroughly.

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Williez4a, oil and water do not mix easily. Such a mixture is called an emulsion. The first step is to treat the oil with something like soap. The two must be thoroughly blended first and then the water is added; in portions, blending as it is added. The emulsion needs to be agitated regularly as it is used; otherwise it will "cream". The droplets of oil want to clump back together and rise to the top. If you use the mixture as made, one ounce per gallon might be enough for the purpose. I do not know. But if you apply it through a hose end sprayer, the solution in the jar has to be stronger because a further dilution takes place when it is added to the water stream.

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