jesse10May 15, 2007

We recently have been invaded by some type of extremely tiny black ant. They are everywhere! If I leave a glass of anything sweet on the counter within 10 min. it's covered in these tiny little things. They recently found my medicine cabinet and love the childrens Motrin. I can't have anything out without them on it. Im not sure what kind of ant these are. They don't bite, atleast not yet and they love to travel via my base boards but will go anywhere. How do I figure out what kind of ant these are and how on earth do I get rid of them I have 3 small children.

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There are many products that are attractive to sweet loving ants and you might want to choose one that you can use in a secure fashion. 'LESCO' stores carry a good selection of such products and their advice is usually solid. There are others that are just as good.

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The ants have found a good food source and that is all they are looking for. Start your control by cleaning everywhere with something containing real lemon juice or pepermint oil (they must be real, not synthetic) and then watch where the ants are coming from and put a barrier of with the lemon juice of peppermint oil there to stop them. Be sure to drive the wee buggers out and try not to trap them in the house. Once the vast majority are moved outside, where they belong, put down barriers of lemon juice or peppermint oil to keep them from those entry points and plug those entry points up with caulk. A small jar of blackstrap molasses set out and away from your house will also aid in moving the ants away from your house.

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