Tall, lanky, ugly shaped hydrangeas

joannembMay 5, 2012

I bought 2 very young double white hydrangeas (a lace-cap double variety called Wedding Gown) last year. They didn't bloom last year (not a surprise) but this year they look so lanky and strangely shaped. They have long wavy canes that are bare up until the ends where there are some leaves. There are leaves at the bottom, top, but not in between. So unsightly. I REALLY want to see what this hydrangea looks like, and wouldn't you know there are buds on the top now. After the plant blooms (I just want to see what they look like) I'd like to prune it down.... Will pruning it say 6 inches from the ground encourage a more regular rounded shape? Thanks for any insight!

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I would try to maximize the amt of leaves left on the shrub. If a size of 6" will do it then try it out. This is a rebloomer so you may get blooms later on after pruning (but possibly closer to the Fall).

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

If you like the current height of the plant and want big blooms from those terminal buds then do NOT prune. The middles of the stems usually take longer to leaf out then the ends or the base. Also, that base growth will be new canes that will fill the space between existing ones. You have a healthy plant. If July rolls around and the plant still looks like this, I'd consider a problem with the soil or light conditions.

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