overwintering mandevilla

ladylavender(4)September 22, 2003

I have 3 mandevillas that I got this year. They have bloomed since Memorial day and I want to try to save them through the winter. Do you cut them way back or just try to unfurl them off the trellises? I don't have much sunlight in my house. Would they be better by a window or under lights. Thanks for any help.


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Greenthumb(Zone 5a, MN)

Hi Mary,
Cut the vines back and put them under your lights for the winter.
Good luck,
(I hope you folks don't mind that I visited your forum? I envy your "warmer" zone!)

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stan_ia_z4(z4 ia)

Attention Mike: How far back did you cut your mandevilla? Do you keep them under lights all winter? Do they take much Water?

Last year I cut mine back to about 1 foot, but did not get them under lights until March. The are just now blooming good. Appreciate your comments. Stan

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marciaz4(z4 IA)

I have a couple of questions, when you say under lights do you have to use grow lights and also how many hours a day do you have them on?

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john_ny(z6/7 Sunset 34)

Here are some suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Overwintering

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I cut mine back to about 12-14 inches and put it under the house, we have a crawl space. Bring it out in the spring and start watering it. I kept 2 last year and mine now has 3 blooms.

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I kept some alive by cutting them back BEFORE bringing them in.....letting them "settle" down after being handled and put them by some basement windows and kept them somewhat watered. Since I am not down in our basement alot during the winter, sometimes they dried out a bit, but this year have bloomed all summer.

IT can be done.....and is fun to "save" these beautiful plants!

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Lol...just before coming here tonight I looked up Mandevilla. I just put it in search and it came right up.

It said to cut back in late winter or early spring just before it sprouts new . Now that might be down south . It also said to clip it back to make a more bushy plant.

My oldest daughter bought one for my younger daughter for Mothers Day (My girls always buy for each other on that day..lol) I fell in love with it...She has hers in a shady garden outside....It has grown and bloomed all summer. Beautiful...So I've been on the lookout. I found one last week at WalMart for 7.00. I'm hoping to keep it going this winter in the house.

Also while bring it home in the car a vine got broken off. I've put it in water to see if it will root...That might be another way to keep them until next spring.


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What if I didn't cut it back when i brought it in last fall... could I cut it back now?

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I'd like to keep mine over the winter also. How often must it be watered and will temps of 40 to 50 in the garage keep it alive? Also, when should it be cut back and brought in?

Thanks everyone for your responses.

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