subterranean heating and cooling system

homehydroMarch 30, 2011

I have meaning meaning to reply about it but thanks hex for the images of how you built the subterranean heating and cooling system in the other thread. In one of the images was the term "subterranean heating and cooling system," so I did a search for that phrase and came up with some good links and info about how it works. I have a question for you though, have you tested it at different humidity levels? From what I have read, the warm air/humidity is cycled underground where it condenses there, and comes up as cool dryer air. So it seems to reason that the efficiency would be related to relative humidity. More humidity, more condensing, more cooling. I live in a dry climate, so I assume I would probably need to introduce a swamp cooler or humidifier in the greenhouse for better efficiency.

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I`ve seen large differences in the inlet/out temperatures with inlet RH down in the high 30`s. Obviously the higher the RH the better it gets. It was designed to be installed in a greenhouse where excess humidity and solar gain are not in short supply :)

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Thanks Hex,
That's what I figured from what I've read so far. Our RH is below 20% most of the year. I have 2 digital weather stations, and the minimum reading is 20% RH. That's all it reads 3/4's of the year until the monsoon season. So all I know is it's below that. But your right a dedicated greenhouse will naturally have higher humidity.

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I`m not sure how useful it will be but if you have cold night temps you could run the system at night to discharge heat from the mass. Its a good way to increase the daytime cooling capacity when a less than optimal sized soil mass isnt keeping up with the daily solar gains.

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