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IÂm working on a hydroponic tomato garden for this summer. I was wondering if anyone had ever used FloraMato Dry Nutrient, if it works, and the mixing instructions.



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Unfortunately I don't believe there are many people that have. I know this because I posted the exact same question recently. As of right now I am using maxigro until I see flowers and floramato when I start to see flowers forming. Sorry I cannot help you out as I have just planted my strawberries in my drip system but I figured for the price it can't hurt to try it out as I find it hard to justify spending large amounts of money for nutes.I bought mine from flora hydroponics through amazon, they screwed up and sent me maxibloom instead of floramato so I called them and they told me to keep the maxibloom and they will send me my floramato also. I don't believe me telling you that is breaking forum rules. The shipping was pretty fast and the price was decent now I ordered seeds from parkseed and that is turning out to be a freaking nightmare.One thing I will mention is that I had to put the maxigrow in a cup of hot water to get it to dissolve and it still didn't dissolve 100% so in that aspect I think that the liquid nutes are superior however as I said for the price if it works great, if not lesson learned. Good luck and keep up posted.

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