rooted(z5 IA)September 6, 2004

I'm new to gardening. This is our first year. We planted Okra in our garden and it did great. I didn't harvest soon enough and I have many large pods. I tried a fried okra recipe and had poor results. A friend told me they are to big and I should try the smaller ones.

Any suggestions or uses for the large pods?

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Dry them and use them in arrangements....spray them gold and wire to a wreath.
Linda C

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rooted(z5 IA)

No hope of any use for food? O well, we sure have had fun watching them grow. Maybe I can collect the seeds from them for next year.

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Maude_IA(z5-SE Iowa)


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soobee(zone 4 Iowa)

I'm a Southerner by birth and upbringing, and love okra. However, even a Southern Gal will by-pass those okra pods that get longer than, say, three or four inches. However, small pods are delicious fried, in soups, and--if you're die-hard --just eaten "stewed" with hot pepper vinegar.

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