lettuce under attack

pearsaml(6)May 13, 2010

I went out to my backyard today, and what had seemed to be big healthy lettuce plants, have nearly all been munched up. Whatever it is starts around the outer edges of the leaves on the outside of the plant, leaving jagged edges of the leaves (if very much of the leaf at all). I am growing romaine and buttercrunch lettuce.

Is this caterpillar damage or something? It happened all of a sudden, and hasn't touched my tomato, spinach, broccolli, or strawberry plants.

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Sounds like caterpillars - they eat edges. Grasshoppers and beetles tend to eat holes in the middle of leaves.

Pull up a plant and remove and shake out the leaves to see what's in there.

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If there is some kind of caterpillar eating those plants they would be there on the leaves when you looked. Seldom do caterpillars stop eating and bury them selves in soil.
How about rabbits?

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