Hydroponic hardware setup - 6oow or 1000w

johndb7979March 10, 2014

Hey people,

I live in a small apartment in the greater Vancouver area and don't have the luxury of a backyard to build a garden, which left the option to semi-convert my sun room into a small 5ft diameter growing area. I figure can comfortably place a 4'x4' tray in my space that can be easily manage in the small area.

I've been looking around for some hydroponic equipment such as lights, ballasts and reflectors to supplement the natural sunlight in the room. I noticed prices can vary quite dramatically for 1000w light setup depending on what store you shop at, starting from $130 to as much as $485!!! For hardware equipment that performs as good as any other, I really don't see the sense in spending an additional $300 plus dollars regardless of brands and marketing. I came across this hydroponic web store that appears to offer the best deals on hydroponic equipment and offer free shipping! There are other great prices on eBay as well but majority are from the states, which isn't that much cheaper after currency exchanges.

Please let me know what you think about the products on this site, if it's a good buy or not..

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Nice view!

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boreal_wormer(Alta Canada)

I'm new to hydroponics and have no direct experience with this store. However, the price on the two outlet timer is less than half of what I paid on amazon.ca so their lighting prices might be good.

I'm from Alberta and like you I'm reluctant about cross border shopping. I've been bit by unexpected brokerage fees before.

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Yea, I contacted sales inquiring on a light kit and recommendations. There were super helpful and even offered me a discounted rate for 10% off on a combo kit for 600w super HPS, 600w digital ballast and an eco wing reflector due to short shipping distance from their store!! Nevertheless, shipping was already free on products they currently have in stock!! They said they're currently out of stock on their eco wings and were expected to re-stock over 2 weeks ago but due to some kind of trucker strike at the port halted their inventory. Anyhow, I dont mind waiting till they re-stock which could be a week or so till the strike is over.. I definitely I found my new hydroponic shop! Free shipping and great prices! Super stoked!

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I saw this small setup online, Hydroponic Grow Room,which looks like a small complete setup. It seems reasonably priced, too.

For some reason people like to block out outside light with some setups. I am not sure why. I always thought the more light, the better...

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