Should I wait for Vanilla

DDhydrangeaMay 5, 2011

I contacted several nurseries looking for VS with no luck, everyone is sold out. I contacted bailey nurseries the distributor of VS and they suggested I mail order from white flower farm. After doing some research I'm not sure this is a good idea. They seem pricey at $30 for a 1 gal not including shipping. Also there was a lot of negative feedback from disgruntled customers.

Why is VS so hard to find in local nurseries! I'm wondering if I should wait until next year maybe there will be more available when supply meets demand.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

New introductions take a while to be mass produced. Since the inventory or supply of plants is small compared to the demand, prices for recently introduced shrubs are high. Once the supply of VS's increases, inventories and the availability of plants should improve. Once inventories increase a lot, prices should moderate. I remember when ES was selling for $30 something several years ago!

btw, be ready to wait more than one year if you want lower prices.

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

I've been interested in VS, too. I haven't seen it locally yet, but I haven't been really looking. As with any new plant, I prefer waiting until the plant's been out a couple of years to get a handle on what real gardeners are saying about it. I don't really mind paying $30 + shipping, but if the price is going to come down anyway, I think it's worth the wait of another year or so if you can.

I was one of the first around here to get QF (well, one of the first to post about it). I love the growth habit, and I love the flowers when they are white or fully blushed. I truly dislike them in August when they're in the ugly duckling stage. My beds are at their best in August. Had I known how homely it would look for that month, I don't think I'd have wasted my time on it. Live and learn. Now I wait.

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I'm not concerned with the price as I am with the reputation of white flower farm. I have several hydrangeas and I paid about $30 for each but they were in 3 gallon pots so I enjoyed lots of flowers right away.

My limelights have been in the ground for three years now and I really enjoy them, I thought a Vanilla Strawberry would be fantastic. I know it takes about five years for a hydrangea to reach full growth so the sooner the better.

So far I'm happy with my hydrangea choices........except I bought too many endless summers lol

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

Check out garden watchdog and type in White Flower Farm. The reviews, surprisingly, don't look good.

I tried to link it for you, but GW wouldn't let me.

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