Snake holes

Geizjr(VA)May 29, 2005

OK, I have a problem and was wondering if some of you can help. I have at least 20 snake holes in a small area of my yard where I believe a previous owner pushed over and buried a barn of some sorts. I see a few bricks and cinder blocks barely sticking out of the ground and this area is very uneven and bumpy. I do not want to dig this area up if I don't have too. I would like to add top soil and smooth it out. I really don't want to kill the snakes b/c I dont want some other pest replacing them. I haven't seen any snakes out, but if I had to guess, they are black snakes. They are very very common in my area. I plan on fencing this area in and bringing horses to this farm and just don't want all these holes in the ground or snakes around the horses. I imagine with 20 holes and cinder block buried in the ground there is a large number of them. Is there some way to control this without killing them. How can I stop them from making more holes that just suddenly appear. I know I'm asking alot and want the best of both worlds (snakes mean no other pest but i will have these holes). The house is currently vacant and I rather have snakes killing mice and rats than having these rodents in my empty house. Hope someone can help find a good solution. Thanks

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A snake ologist co-worker informed me one time that snakes don't make holes. I think but he's probably right.

If that previous occupant buried wood, it will rot and you will continue to have holes. Best course of action would be to clean it up, not just cover it up.


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Snakes will use the holes made by rodents and other animals but are not able to make such holes themselves. I'm not sure what would be making the holes..maybe voles or gophers.

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I'm not sure what exactly is buried, I just know there is cinder blocks sticking out and a neighbor informed me there used to be a barn there (It was knocked down in the early 70's). Again, I haven't seen any snakes so maybe they are voles that was my second guess. The only reason I don't want to dig the area up is b/c I plan on doing some major remodeling next year and figured I'll dig it up when I have the equipment there, but I do want to fence the area this year. I guess I'll have to do some more research.

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