My Home Built Hydro System...

splitcaneMarch 15, 2009

Hi All... New guy here, been looking around for a while and decided to join in. I have no history with Hydro but have done an outside garden for 20 years, this year the Squirrel's ate all my tomatoes and there was no stopping them. So I decided to build a greenhouse till I seen the price tag. Then indoor Hydro came to mind, year round and no squirrel's...

With the limited space I decided to start with Sweet/Hot Peppers ( Ladybugs & Hungarian Wax ) and see what happens...

Did some research and built my system using a little of this and a little of that and a few of my ideas, there are six pods with 2gal reservoirs each and two main 12gal gravity feed reservoirs. Three pods per main reservoir so I can flush one side, run different nutrients and the such. The reservoirs have heaters, air and water pumps that deliver 15 minutes of aerated nutrients every hour around the clock to the plants ( hope that make since ) The system runs flawlessly and I quit proud of it, very low maintenance...

Here are some photos of the build and grow...

Of course being a novas I'm flying blind most of the time..."-)

Everything is going great with the peppers except lately there dropping flowers big time, started out fine and there are peppers on the bottom of the plants but the top flowers are dropping. I did some reading of threads here and that seems to be a big problem with peppers and I made some changes. switched from the PureBlend Pro Grow to PureBlend Pro Bloom @ 30ml per galon, added some fans for air movement and things look to be improving but I'm not sure...

Do they need me to pollinate the flowers...?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated my new Friends...

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organicpepper_grower(Nova Scotia)

Try taking you thumb (when the flowers are open)and rub the around the center of the flower, useing the same thumb rub the other flowers this should pollinate them and produce more peppers.

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Thanks for the post organicpepper...

Thumbs a little big for those small flowers, any problem using a Q-Tip...?

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You might try using a feather.

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use an electric toothbrush and vibrate the backs of the flowers when they're open.

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Thanks Guys & Gals...

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My understanding of the structure of pepper flowers would indicate that the paintbrush method would work better than the electric toothbrush. Toothbrush method is for tomatoes.

But if you're getting nice peppers as you clearly are, the blossom drop is most likely the plant's doing and not a lack of pollination. Pepper plants routinely grow more flowers than they can support.

I would bet that switching to the bloom nutes will greatly improve your pepper production and reduce the number of flowers that drop.

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