Hydroponic Meyer Lemon

smitt5657March 31, 2014

I bought a 2-3 year old dwarf Meyer lemon this summer (July 2012) on amazon. The first mistake I made was putting it in a 10 gal terracotta pot. It did great during the summer but the problems started once I brought it back inside for the winter. The original soil I had in the pot was miracle-grow and it wasn't enough drainage, so I had feeling the roots just sat in a puddle. Anyways, I realized my mistake and I took the lemon tree out and I re-did the soil by mixing in perlite hoping to improve the soil. The tree just wasn�t looking good. It was loosing leaves; the lemons that were on it were super small and didn�t get any bigger. The leaves that were on it were turning yellow and some were curling. Any I finally decided that I needed to try something different. I put it into a hydroponic set up. I have the tree in perlite and it is in a 3 gallon bucket. The 3 gallon bucket has holes drilled in it and drains into a 5 gallon reservoir. I have a pump on a timer that then pours the water back onto the plants. The tree still doesn�t look good. How often should I water it, I have a timer so I can do whatever? How much ppm of hydroponic fertilizer does it really need? pH?

I will answer any questions you have if it helps you answer, Thanks

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

pH 6.0 (range 5.5 - 6.5) & EC 1.3 (that's 910 ppm - in 'ppmspeak version 700.0').

Citrus is a bad idea in hydro if the roots might get cold since that can harm the plant. The plant will do gret at 70 degrees, but not less than about 62, watching those root zone temperatures. It also prefers high humidity, like Florida... Good Luck!

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6-8 table spoons should be enough maybe ten while it is not doing well the phone should be 6.5-7 and maybe 20-25 degrees not any colder. Get a humidifier it will help it.

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