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awestruckMarch 20, 2014

I am putting my hydroponics set up together and have filled the reservoir with water and some of the pots are filled with clay pebbles. I am going to put Alpine strawberries in the system and have CSN17 Grow and also I have CNS17 Bloom. I can't understand the directions because everything is measured in liters/mililiters. I tried to convert all this and it looks like I am supposed to add 1 3/4 to the reservoir (which holds 11 gallons). Does this sound correct? I also have Liquid Karma, which I have just been told is not an actual fertilizer, but a stabilizer or something like that. Should I add that as well, and how much? Thanks! I love this forum!

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

Hi Awe,

Just in case this question is sitting around too long, congratulations on putting your system together. It sounds like you got a small MicroGarden E&F kit from Botanicare, which is very sneaky when it comes to stating the size of the reservoir, but according to some people like the Amazon description has 10 gallons. I don't see that they have any 11 gallon one, so maybe the fill line is at 10 gal and there is an extra capacity of a gallon to provide some extra air-space to promote oxygenation without stagnating air around on the surface of the reservoir water too close under the tray is mounted on top.

Like I said before, it's all in the CNS17 feeding schedule. All you have to do is look at the second page of it and see they list milliliters per gallon on the hydroponic feeding sheet. Just convert it to teaspoons per gallon by dividing by 5. So if you are starting seedlings it says to put in EACH GALLON:

1. CNS17 Grow : 5 mL (per gallon)
2. Liquid Karma : 2 mL (per gallon)
3. Vitamino : 2 mL (per gallon)
4. Pure Blend Tea : 2 mL (per gallon)

I don't know what you are growing but if they are seedlings that's what they want you to do. Since it is 10 gallons, you need to multiply the amounts X 10:

1. CNS17 Grow : 50 mL (per 10 gallons)
2. Liquid Karma : 20 mL (per 10 gallons)
3. Vitamino : 20 mL (per 10 gallons)
4. Pure Blend Tea : 20 mL (per 10 gallons)

And to convert that to teaspoons which you can deal with, like they say, 1 tsp = 5 mL, so divide by 5 like this:

1. CNS17 Grow : 10 tsp (per 10 gallons)
2. Liquid Karma : 4 tsp (per 10 gallons)
3. Vitamino : 4 tsp (per 10 gallons)
4. Pure Blend Tea : 4 tsp (per 10 gallons)

So that's the nutrient recipe for the whole reservoir in concrete English cooking terms, if you have seedlings or starting clones.

If they didn't give you one or more of the items in the kit, either call them and ask why it wasn't included so they may tell you to buy it 'cause you're doing something that needs it, or skip it assuming it was unnecessary and you already got the base fertilizer CNS17 mixed in. They also want lots of light as you begin the vegetative stage, they say 18 hours a day, sounds like a plan for some intensive crop. If you want help understanding the chart or doing the arithmetic for the rest of the growth stage requirements according to Botanicare, just be specific and someone will be happy to help further!

But take note that all you have to do for ten gallons is double the numbers in the feeding schedule. So when you go vegetative, they have you add 10 mL/gal to 12 mL/gal which as we've seen for 10 gallons comes out to be 20 tsp to 24 tsp of CNS17Grow plus the new amouts of the other stuff (16 tspLK, 10 tspV, 10 tspPBT, check my multiplication) as the total to put in your reservoir each time you change old water for new. Be careful you water doesn't have chlorine in it, or it will kill some of these products and maybe hurt your plants. Some of the products are alive microbe stuff.

Good luck growing - it is really a nice system you got and very durable trays. I hope it provide lots of fun!

PS, just use 10 gallons even if you think it might be closer to 11. That's because even though the feeding schedule is talking about gallons, they are actually using 4 liters to present the numbers, which is 1.05 gallons, so the amounts we figured out above are really for 10.5 gallons, but Botanicare obviously doesn't care about a half gallon either way.

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