Preferred methods and success and failures

oakleaf33(8)March 19, 2008

I was just posting this to get a little insight on everyones success and failures at the different methods of hydroponics and tricks they have learned to bypass problems they experience

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DON'T PLANT BROCCOLI! It takes forever to make.

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my only real failures resulted in this knowledge:
*if you're going to use a system that circulates the nutrient past/through the roots, make sure it moves enough that they get ample oxygen.
*Make sure the stem above the crown (root/stem interface) doesn't get saturated too often (not at all if possible) as this can deteriorate the stem and make it collapse.
Other than that, I've had pretty good success.

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Every little bit of info helps. But with many things advice and only take you so far. Somethings u have to try and fail at yourself. As I have talked about with charlielittle, Im just starting out and he has given me some good advice "pretty cool guy". I guess I may try tomatoes and stuff like that. Thanks anyway keep the post comin if ya gottem.

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