Anyone else growing Bamboo in our zone?

ditasNovember 20, 2009

Goodmorning all - Other than *lkz5ia z5 west iowa* ('hope you don't mind mentioning you here) are there anyone else, successfully & beautifully growing a hardy Bamboo? In search of yet another interesting shrub, lkz5ia's posted pic ... it got me searching!!! Â;) I have prepared a site for another shrub as a memorial plant for a brother, I just very recently lost.

For as long as we have lived in this piece of soil, we love (3.5+ decades ago) I have been planting (often w/o rhyme or rhythm ... simply for love of dirt digging, foliage & flowers) to honor, remember or memorialize - loved ones, near & far! *My Piece of Soil Under Iowa Sky*... I liken to a grandma's quilt ... now more like *Square-Inch-Gardening* or better yet, a jungle!!!

Along half of our 100'-E - back-fence-line (AM-sun exposure) I have planted 3 shrubs ... Snow Queen-Oakleaf H. Ivory Halo-Cornus Alba, (huge Plantagenia -dug up for dwarf Bamboo- or???) and Alice-Oakleaf H( all are family-memorial shrubs).

Your input will greatly help ... 1 nursery in-town, has Sunset Glow-Rufa at 50% Fall sale. The other small shrub I'm thinking of is Little Henry-Clethra (I think too small).

Many TIA

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not me, but maybe someone else here?

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lindakay(zone 5)

I grew bamboo and last year I tried to get rid of it. I know a lot will come up this spring because I mowed it off last summer and it just kept coming up. If you get it don't get the running kind. It will go ten feet , all directions. I think the clumping kind would be great. The previous years growth would often die and I would use them for stakes. Hope this helps. Linda

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