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SmiljeMarch 25, 2013

I live in another galaxy from any store where I could buy aeroponic equipment the only source for me is ebay

Found this recycle timer:


And these pumps:

12V 90 PSI 0.85 gpm 25W


12V 145 PSI 1.06 gpm 45W


24V 93 PSI 0.75 gpm 35W


Which one would be the best?

Other than accumulator I dont know what else is needed for pump could you pls find these items on ebay and post here.

Also what kind of nozzles tubes and connectors, filters pls search ebay.
I see lost of people use these nozzles


but it's declared as ''droplet size of 60-80 microns'' and I read that 50 microns is optimum size.

It would really help me if you could find all items that I need to build high pressure aeroponic system from items on ebay.

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Check out:


for the pump, tubing, solenoid, pressure switch, john guest fittings, filter, etc.

I use those sprayheads you are referencing. They arent perfect, but they are cheap which is why I bought them. I suggest you search for no drip sprayheads if you don't mind paying a little more money.

Also, don't forget - you will need a pressure relief valve for the accumulator just in case the pump or pressure switch malfunctions and turns the accumulator tank into a bomb.

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Really great web site ! Thanks :)

Unfortunately they dont ship to europe but there is a lot of information I needed.

I saw your set up I wanna make just like yours, aeroponic impresses me very much.

Could you check those three pumps I have doubt which one to get, from experience 24V is more powerful than 12V but 2nd one have better PSI ratings, and first one uses less power and have better gpm rating. Dont really understand how this implies to accumulator tank cos if Im correct all three pumps will fill the thank just not at the same psi rating, would 145 psi if thats true value be to much for roots or 90 to less. Considering that 90 psi would be ideal for this pump but I doubt that and presume the pressure in tank will be less. I have no experience nor knowledge so im just pressuming this.

First pump has automatic switch and other two Overflow Pressure Backflow Water Aspirator whats the difference.

Those sprayheads look great, and I'll definitely get them :)

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Buy in haste from EBay and regret at leisure.........

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